When buying a door, we must not only take into account the design, there are other issues that are the same or more important. It is necessary to know the standard dimensions of the passage doors or at least the most common ones.

It is rare nowadays that when a work is carried out or a new house or building is built, any of these measures are not respected. The great advantage of standardizing the dimensions of the interior doors is that we will easily find a wide variety of designs in a multitude of stores.

Step door measurements

Standardized or standardized measures are defined in UNE 56801: 2008.

  • 62.5 wide x 203 high. This measure is becoming less frequent.
  • 72.5 × 203
  • 82.5 × 203
  • 92.5 × 203

The most standardized thickness is 3.5 centimeters, although we can also usually find them 4 and 4.5.

These types of measures go unnoticed by the majority of users, something that is usually given little attention. Things change when there are special needs, for example, the use of Wheelchair. In these cases, taking into account that the most common widths for a wheelchair are 65-70, doors 82.5 upwards are recommended.


For entry doors, small sizes are discarded, leaving the standard measurement of 82.5 × 203 centimeters.

Block door measurements

standard door sizes


It is very common to acquire doors in blocks or in packs where the necessary elements are included and that make up the whole set:

  • The door or leaf itself.
  • The milestone.
  • Flaps, shoulder pads or flashing.
  • Hardware (hinges, crank, lock …).

In these cases, the gap where the door will finally be must be large enough for that packet or block to enter. The door dimensions or widths would be:

  • For 62.5 doors, the width of the block is 67 cm.
  • For 72.5 doors, the width of the block is 77 cm.
  • For doors of 82.5, the width of the block is 87 cm.

Installing block doors, although it may seem the other way around, is easier. These are already mechanized and adjusted, just fix the set to the substructure. On the other hand, the installation of a sheet by an inexperienced person involves many errors of measurement, machining and drilling, and even breaks.

And the sliding doors?

passage door measurements

Although the standard door sizes are maintained for this type of opening system, we must take into account the particularities of the installation of the sliding doors.

In the frames, metallic structures that are inserted in the wall so that the doors run inwards, it is necessary to know the dimensions of the hole or the passage of light. If, for example, this span is 80 cm, the door that we must purchase is 82.5 wide. These 2.5 centimeters will be enough to completely close the room.

And if we can’t use standard port sizes

Custom doors have the advantage of adjusting to the gap we have or the size we want, without the need to carry out works. But they have a clear disadvantage, their price, which can skyrocket if we want a custom design.