Steam irons have become one of the must-have appliances in every house, even though they have evolved a lot and in fact allow our clothes to always be impeccable. We can find them from many brands, with designs that don’t even have cables and that make our lives easier.

Although we all have a steam iron at home, the truth is that in recent years this appliance has been significantly modernized and every brand has Models which are more and more evolved.

How steam irons work:

  • If we look at the current irons, we can’t even think that at the origin of these devices, they worked either by a resistance which was inside, or even by being made of iron which was heated above. fire and which allowed the clothes to remain. ironed.
  • The use of steam as an element to iron clothes makes the irons evolve a lot. By connecting to electricity, via a cable, the iron heats the water that we introduce inside and which later disperses as steam through a series of holes placed in the base.
  • The steam is released continuously and always maintains its intensity, whether the water tank is full or empty. The ideal measure of continuous vapor emission is about 20 to 30 grams per minute.
  • Thanks to its connection to the electric current, it goes to the heating element via a thermostat which stops the flow of current when the iron is hot enough and turns it on when it is very cold. A circuit controlled by a thermostat heats the steam iron.

Right now, steam irons are the ones used in all homes and although the vast majority of them have a cable that connects them to electricity, we can find models that don’t even need to be plugged in because they have no cables. They are even called “intelligent”.

Smart Steam Irons:

  • Just visit the website of companies or companies such as Rowenta or Bosch, in order to discover those steam irons which are considered “smart” and that although they do not have connection cables as we have already mentioned, they save a lot of energy because they consume little. They are also known as an ironing center.
  • We can also find those “smart” irons that also self-regulate temperature, such as Philips “Perfect Care”, which have a function that allows the temperature to vary depending on the garment we need to iron, without having to touch the buttons and ensuring that no garment burns.

The truth is that although iron can often give us real laziness, with this type of iron this job has become something simple and quick to do so that we can choose the model we like the most and iron it. been said.

Video of steam irons:

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