SUN2WHEEL, the autonomous solar garage for electric vehicles

Many dream of an electric car, but there is another more common dream: to produce our own green energy. Technology now allows us to bring the two together to achieve independent and self-sufficient electric mobility.

A design of the Swiss company Protoscar, the SUN2WHEEL garage. A garage designed for 3 cars, with 60 m² of photovoltaic panels oriented on the roof and storage batteries inside, to store solar energy while the cars are outside the garage.

The initial investment is high, but depending on the place of installation, it can be amortized in 10 years, a period that seems acceptable given the useful life of an electric car.

To achieve a renewable and independent energy supply for our cars, SUN2WHEEL perfectly combines the following elements: photovoltaic production, storage batteries, regulators, chargers for two-way electric cars and home connection for the supply of excess electricity that we generate.

The technical features are described in the following graphic.

The first prototype was installed in Rovio (Switzerland), in the fall of 2016. The architect Federico Testa designed the architecture. The building consists of a concrete base and a wooden facade. The 60 m2 roof offers space for DESIGNENERGY photovoltaic panels and produces more than 7,000 kWh per year, or 40,000 km. Two more SUN2WHEEL installations are under construction in Lucerne and Stuttgart.


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