SunFlower Home heliostat.  How to direct sunlight

The company Domestic sunflower heliostat designed a heliostat that reflects sunlight and directs it and directs it where we want.

Sunlight is a wonderful thing, but it has certain limitations. The north sides of buildings are shaded all year round (in the northern hemisphere), and various obstacles will also limit our access to direct sunlight, which keeps our windows dark and gloomy.

How to direct sunlight

A heliostat It is a set of mirrors that move on an axis, which allows, with the appropriate movements, to maintain the reflection of the solar rays that fall on them at all times in a point or a small area, canceling the diurnal movement in the reflected ray earth.

SunFlower Home heliostat.  How to direct sunlight
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This heliostat is a self-contained, easy and fully automatic way to direct sunlight to where it is needed most – whether it’s a window, an icy sidewalk or in a shady garden. The sunflower reflects a focus that can reach half a meter of sunlight.

Heliostat SunFlower Casa.  How to direct sunlight

According to the company, it provides up to 500W of solar power and up to 50,000 lumens of sunlight (the equivalent of 50 60W bulbs).

At the University of Seville they are developing the system to bring natural light to the interior windows of buildings, the video clearly shows what they achieve by applying this method:


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