SunPack, the backpack for friends of solar energy

This backpack is able to generate the electricity needed to power your phone, laptop, tablet, watch, etc. for free. It integrates a solar panel and a battery, so you no longer have to use commercial electricity. , but rather the electricity that you generate yourself.

Flextech is a major player in the development of ecological products. Its range of solar panels help you harness the largest source of energy in our solar system, so it can power your life. Their latest product, the SunPack backpack, is the most useful of their product line. Provide storage for your devices, as well as the means to charge them.

If you hate looking for caps and love backpacks, the SunPack might be the best backpack for you. With Flextech’s weatherproof solar panel built in, you only need to be outside to generate electricity! Designed to seamlessly integrate (and display) Flextech solar panels, the bag comes with all the features you ask for in a good backpack. Storage compartment, waterproof design, anti-theft closure, RFID blocking pockets for your cards, built-in USB socket and headphones, for listening to music on the go.

The star, however, remains the Flextech solar panels. Designed to be strong and flexible, the panels are waterproof, dirt repellent and generally weather resistant. Designed with a wavy texture, the panels can efficiently capture solar energy any time of the day, no matter where they are located (meaning they don’t need to look directly at the sun).

The SunPack’s solar panel is removable and slips into its own compartment when not in use. If you want to remove it, attach it with the magnetic patch on the front of the backpack to secure and hold it in place. The patch and panel are fitted with reflectors, allowing the backpack and its mount to be visible in low light conditions (on the road, etc.). The panel plugs into the bag’s USB socket, allowing you to power any of your gadgets (from phones to drones) or even store power for later in an external battery. The outdoors or even ambient light is enough to generate electricity… so why pay for electricity when you can tap into the world’s largest source of free energy?

Creators: Iris Liu & Lillian Wang. Available on