A solar panel capable of producing 60% more energy. It is the A series from Sun Power and allows you to take advantage of any type of roof for the installation of photovoltaic systems.

SunPower is a company located in San José, California. They created a line of residential solar panels in excess of 400 watts, dubbed as Next Generation TechnologyThey are the most powerful in the world.

Its conception maximizes energy production for rooftop installations. If you don’t have enough space for large installations, with this panel you can generate more electricity compared to the traditional panel, which normally has 300 watts.

Until now, people who had houses with small roofs have given up on installing a photovoltaic system. However, with the new technology offered by Sun Power, it is quite possible to give useful to limited space roofs.

More efficient solar panels.

They are made with SunPower’s fifth generation Maxeon solar cells, also known as Gen5. All equipment is covered by a combined 25 year warranty.

Maxeon cells.

These photovoltaic cells offer a 60% more energy for the first 25 years. Factory-built microinverters increase production at the source, helping panels deliver more power per square meter installed than any other commercially available solar system.

Its design fits easily into the roof, allowing it to adapt to a variety of architectural styles.

Series A is marketed in the United States, Europe and Australia. In fact, it is known as Maxeon solar panel 3.

SunPower maintains its policy of maximizing energy production and savings. Through its products and services, it hopes to remain one of the leaders in the home solar energy sector.

Another novelty of the company is the system Equinox ™. It is a complete home solar system, ranging from panels to energy monitoring software. Each component is designed to operate fully integrated into the system.

SunPower’s patented Maxeon solar cells are built on a solid copper base for high reliability and performance. These cells provide SunPower panels with better corrosion and cracking resistance.


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