We have mastered brilliant finishes in the world of furniture and interior design for many years. The super matte is presented as an alternative

Super matte finishes

In the world of interior design, and therefore also in the manufacture of furniture and materials, trends emerge and / or are rescued continuously. Many of them are passengers and many others last for years and even decades. When it comes to finishes, trends tend to last a long time and brightness and high brightness have been a market reference for some years. In contrast, the matte and super matte finishes are reappearing, the latter being the solutions that industrial design and professionals offer to go “further”.

Super matte finishes consist of surfaces that do not reflect light like the others, offer a simple appearance, allow to hide the possible imperfections to a greater extent, even those that are practically imperceptible, which is why a surface with a perfect appearance is achieved, and thanks to the latest advances they allow to leave no traces, which is especially appreciated in kitchen furniture.

As with high gloss, super matte is not a texture or quality that many materials naturally present, so it is necessary to use technology and the advancement of the chemical industry to achieve it. In the case of boards for the manufacture of all types of furniture or for wall cladding, paints, lacquers or melamine must be used to achieve these properties.

Although more often when talking about this type of finish people usually talk about plain or single colors, it doesn’t have to be that way, it’s easy to find super matte panels that mimic the appearance of wood, metal and even with original designs.

Although the appearance of super matte finishes is more sober than shiny finishes, they make it easy to highlight other decorative elements, especially when they are shiny like a mirror.