Sending or storing an email also creates pollution, something we do every day and probably multiple times.

It is a simple task, which is done in a few minutes, which allows us to communicate with any recipient in real time. It seems that there are only advantages, but in reality sending emails creates pollution.

This is revealed by the data recorded by some studies carried out on the subject and which only confirmed the (negative) environmental impact caused by their simple email.

A few years ago, a study by the French Environment Agency analyzed to what extent the use of e-mail affected energy consumption and, consequently, greenhouse gas emissions. And the results were certainly not encouraging: A single 1 megabyte email emitted up to 19 grams of CO2, so when you consider that the number of emails sent each day is 190,000 million. , it is easy to understand the impact. in the environment.

The emails are hosted in data centers. The information is duplicated for security reasons in case the data center experiences a fire or failure. As they are always on, cooling is necessary for their proper functioning. This process consumes approximately 40% of the energy.

And with the constant evolution of digitization, environmental pollution also seems doomed to increase. In this sense, the data from the Cisco Visual Networking Index speaks clearly: the 46,600 gigabytes per second produced in 2017 could reach 150,700 in 2022.

Can anything be done to reduce email pollution?

A few tips that could make a difference in the long run: delete emails you no longer need, attach low-res photos if possible, or attach zipped files whenever you can.

Our fingerprint, although rarely mentioned, is very polluting.

Easily free up space in Gmail.

Google gives us all 15 GB of storage space for Gmail accounts. A space that consumes energy resources.

Let’s see some tips to help us free up space in our Gmail accounts In a simple way.

First of all, basic and very important, always delete unnecessary emails. Second, delete the heaviest emails, the ones that take up the most space in your account, and therefore the most polluting.

One trick you can use to remove “heavy” emails is to go to the search bar (above) and type “Size: 5 MBThis way, this search will show you all the emails that are 5MB or larger in size. All you have to do is review them and erase any unnecessary ones.

Another tip is to sort emails based on their weight. For this we write in the search engine “Largest: size in MB‚ÄúThis way you can delete the most polluting emails and delete them.