Technology SWALLOW THE WIND generates wind energy by taking advantage of the space around buildings, industrial buildings, silos or reservoirs.

The strategically placed Tango Winds take advantage of the accelerating wind flow and they head to the production area where the turbines are hidden inside the pipes venturi.

Wind energy is concentrated and powerfully drives these wind turbines, which converting a very high percentage of wind power into electricity.

The pipes that cover the turbines fulfill a dual function, increase your performance thanks to the venturi effect, and hide them totally or partially make a perfect coexistence with the environment.

The generation system that contains the turbines is oriented around the central volume ideally position yourself in the direction of the prevailing wind and operate where it is the flow is at its maximum speed and with his concentrated energy.

the central volume -which can be a building, a silo, a warehouse or any other building compatible with the system- continues to serve the original purpose for which it was built and thus becomes the first recipient of the renewable energy produced, which remove the two factors that have the greatest impact on the cost of current energy: transport and distribution.

The sum of all these characteristics makes it possible to generate large amount of energy, in the same place in which we will consume fraction of its cost current. As a result, it generates a significant savings in consumption and you get surplus production for sale to neighboring needs or to the electricity network.


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Swallow Winds compared to other technologies.

You can compare the cost per kw / h between different power generation technologies.

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