The Swedish government wants to reduce taxes to encourage repairs of all kinds of products. A measure that clashes with today’s throwaway culture, used to make it easier and in many cases cheaper to buy something new than to fix something damaged that we already have.

The Swedish parliament is currently discussing reducing the VAT for repairs to bicycles, clothing and shoes, from the current 25% to 12%. Regarding the repair of household appliances, the Swedes could claim a reimbursement of 50% of the labor cost of the repair.

Sweden has been a country concerned about its carbon footprint for many years, in fact reducing its CO2 emissions year after year, since 1990 it has already reduced them by 23%. It produces more than half of its electricity from renewable energies. They also take advantage of all their garbage, and that of other countries because with theirs, they do not have enough to produce electricity.

Another outstanding issue will be the fight against large producers and the planned obsolescence of their products. For this, certifications are already being created for companies that manufacture without scheduled obsolescence.

Via theguardian.com