Seabased AB’s largest wave power station, on the west coast of Sweden, will be the largest in the world and the first to be commissioned.


The largest wave power station will produce its first megawatt. The announcement was made by Seabased AB, the Swedish company that built the system on the country’s west coast. In early 2016, the plant was connected to the national grid via a 10 km long submarine cable. Wave energy production is achieved by taking advantage of energy mechanics generated by the movement of waves. In the case of the Swedish system, it will use an energy converter that works by raising and lowering a floating object to operate a hydraulic pump.


A technology that is being tested in Australia, where its prototype aims to generate renewable energy and to desalinate water simultaneously by taking advantage of wave energy.


The energy potential of waves is estimated at 29,500 TWh / year. In Europe, it has the potential to create 20,000 jobs for the development of the marine energy sector by 2030.

How it works.


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