Swiss solar roof. Image: Elxeneize Shutterstock

Switzerland can produce 83% of the energy it consumes by installing photovoltaic systems on its roofs. Research suggests such a system for large-scale use.

How Switzerland could produce renewable electricity.

More than a third of electricity in Switzerland is produced from non-renewable sources. For the production of electricity, it relies on non-renewable sources, such as nuclear power. Currently consuming 60 TWh on average.

If all the roofs of Swiss buildings were equipped with photovoltaic solar panels, would produce 50 TWh of electricity per year, according to the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.

The supply of photovoltaic systems to Swiss roofs would cost one hundred million Swiss francs, or approximately 15% of the country’s gross domestic product.

Roof specially designed to capture solar energy.

Solar roof house, Switzerland. Image: Dr Ajay Kumar Singh Shutterstock

Researchers of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich are developing a roof that has multiple layers of photovoltaic cells capable of generating electrical energy. This would facilitate the task of producing electricity.

The system consists of an ultra-thin curved roof which is placed on the ceiling. It is made up of an internal concrete slab that serves as the base for the heating, cooling and insulation coils, which are covered with more concrete. In addition to these a thin film photovoltaic cells.

The designed prototype is characterized by being very economical and very efficient. It is approximately 7.5 meters high and has a total curved area of ​​160 m2.

The design envisioned a unique way. It was built using a network constructed with steel cables covered with a plastic fabric, producing a material that concrete could adhere to.

If this product is as efficient and inexpensive as its creators suggest, it could make it easier for more homes to harness solar power than ever before.

Solar energy has another advantage and it is related to the glass. This component can be recycled to reduce costs.

A typical Swiss house can generate around 2,000 Swiss francs of electricity per year using the roofs. If you take advantage of walls for solar energy production, the house could produce an additional 1000 Swiss francs, bringing the total annual production to 3,000 Swiss francs.

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