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More than 58% of voters supported renewable energies rather than nuclear in Switzerland in a referendum held on Sunday.

Switzerland has five old nuclear power plants, which supply a third of the country’s energy needs.

There is no date yet to close these facilities, but the country will now aim to increase its dependence on renewable sources such as solar, wind or hydroelectric power.

Opponents had warned that abandoning nuclear power would cost the country a lot of money. But Swiss Green Party President Regula Rytz hailed the vote as a “historic change”. “The Swiss have said ‘no’ to the construction of new nuclear power stations and yes to the development of renewable energies,” he added.

The Swiss government made the first proposal to phase out nuclear power in favor of renewable energy after the destruction of the Fukushima plant by a tsunami in 2011. The vote paves the way for them to move forward with the plan. , one from January 2018.

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