Paint, listen to music or read. They are among the most common pastimes of the population to invest their free time. However, to break up the monotony, many people need different hobbies and DIY it has become a trend in recent years.

For this we need different hand and power tools to repair, transform or make the furniture in our house and in we find the best options to do it. In this article we will expand on the reasons for the tools with a fundamental element.

What tools are needed to make wood furniture?

When we think of furniture design, wood comes to mind as one of the star materials. Its finishes of quality and the ease that exists to customize them makes them one of the best options. Due to the boom in carpentry courses, people are more and more fond of carpentry. maker culture. The only thing we need to be able to make them is to have creativity and to know what tools we will need to create them.

If there is a power tool basic and greatly facilitates the work DIY This is the electric jigsaw. Thanks to this, we managed to split the wooden slats in a quick way. Its power makes it perfect for wooden elements up to 5 cm thick. Later, to define the shape of the sculpture, we can use the manual tool of the saw.

Moving on to power tools, having a drill is also important. The versatility of having different bits means the job is done more efficiently. Nails and hammers to place them are crucial, but on top of that it doesn’t hurt that we have pliers and a screwdriver.

On the other hand, we find the circular saw which has two types of teeth: straight pointed or sloping. The cuts are precise and are used both for wood and other materials such as metal. In case we are looking to save on effort, we can use the electric scroll saw. Thanks to this, we will move the table that we want to cut and in addition to not getting tired, we will achieve greater precision. Other tools that we can use are the grinder, miter saw, sander or glue gun.

What does it take to garden?

In the event that we opt for gardening, beyond making wooden boxes in which to place our plants, we can indulge in this practice. Among the necessary tools are the garden fork, the sickle, the pruning saw and very important, shears. This way we can show our balcony or our beautiful garden.

Now that we know the necessary tools to be able to achieve our hobby, it is time to set to work and make our own furniture to decorate our home. All this without forgetting the attractiveness of plants when it comes to including them in the decoration of our home.