RED TCT It is an intelligent solar dish, a 100% Spanish product, which concentrates sunlight and transforms it into thermal energy.

It takes a new step forward, with energy efficiency results of 88% compared to the watershed (4.3 mof them). A renewable heat production solution, available for the industrial, hotel or residential sectors.

Thermal cooling technology (TCT), a Spanish company created in July 2018, with the aim of developing technologies against climate change, announced the launch of a solar concentrator, manufactured and designed in Spain, which generates heat directly from solar energy for any type of industrial, climatic or residential process, reaching up to 250 ° C.

The product.

RED TCT It is currently the most efficient technology available to reduce reliance on fossil fuels in the production of heat for industrial processes and the heating and domestic hot water needs of commercial and residential buildings. Thanks to the fact that it exceeds 88% efficiency compared to its catchment area (4.3 mof them), helps fight climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions like no other commercial product has done so far, generating more energy per square meter than any of the traditional flat collectors.

Given that heat from these processes currently accounts for over 40% of global energy consumption and in industries there is no carbon-free heat generation solution, Thermal cooling technology developed this scalable solar concentrator which can be easily installed; achieve production costs of less than € 30 / Mwh.

This solution is applicable for industrial processes (textiles, food, chemicals and livestock, among others), health, education, residential and tertiary (domestic hot water and heating), even cooling.

The company.

Thermal cooling technology It has already started its marketing plan in Spain, through licensed installers, with facilities in Covex, Hotel Fontecruz (Ávila) and Renfe, with the aim of closing 2020 with more than 1000 units installed. Outside Spain, it has business partners in India, the United States and the Netherlands, where more than 1,500 people are already established with different types of customers.

Due to the high cost of heating, spa and hot water in a hotel, we decided to install TCT RED to reduce the diesel bill. The 4 satellite dishes, installed in our hotel in Ávila, complete the 2 boilers, allowing them to reduce their operation, achieving great energy and economic savings.

Hugo Ortega, director of Fontecruz hotels.


The team formed by Thermal Cooling Technology has over 30 years of national and international experience in renewable energy research. Marcelo Izquierdo, researcher at CSIC (Higher Scientific Research Center) and honorary professor at Carlos III University, who was already part of the research groups of the Center for Energy Saving and Emissions Reduction in the 1990s, is responsible for R&D; Rafael Ansón (CEO) and Rodrigo Hernández (COO), R&D managers at Renovalia (2009-2013) with experience in national and international photovoltaic projects for heat production; finally Jaime Ruiz-Morales, with proven commercial experience in the development of new creative and communication projects, is in charge of the commercial management; Jesús García de Ponga and Jorge Santos contribute with multisectoral legal and financial experience.


TCT RED R01 It also has several certificates, including Solar Keymark, via tests at the National Renewable Energy Center (CENER), and the ICC-SRCC (Solar Rating & Certification Corporation) certificate, which demonstrate compliance with TCT RED with performance and durability. European and North American. standards respectively.


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