Teak floors wood is one of the most coveted types of wood. It is due to its extraordinary benefits, which make it ideal for the most demanding uses. With it you can make floors of incredible quality: resistant, durable and really beautiful.

The yacht building industry was the first to favor the use of teak for outdoor floors. In an environment with high exposure to the weather, namely salt water and sun, teak is the best option to withstand a long service life.

Teak floors Properties

Teak is native to Asia, although plantations can be found today in Africa and South America. Although supply does not stop growing, so does demand, which leads us to high prices. Some species have been overexploited and are at risk, so it is always advisable to check their origin.

It is a raw material resistant and strong, as well as flexible and dimensionally stable. And much more durable to attack by insects and moisture than other woods thanks to its natural oils.

Thanks to this, teak floors can be used outdoors: patios, gardens or terraces. It is even common to see teak structures and especially ship decks. The latter is one of the most demanding uses that any material can have, since contact with sea salt deteriorates even metals such as steel.

Unfortunately, it is common for non-teak wood to be marketed under that name. For example, there are those who call iroko, and also terrorism, African teak. In this case it is also excellent wood, but the benefits are not the same. So pay attention to avoid confusion.

Appearance of teak floors

The color is between gold and light brown. When exposed to the sun, the teak floor darkens. There are many who believe that this improves even their appearance, others the opposite. At home, of course, this change is less significant.

If this change of tone is not to your liking, you will like to know that after sanding the original color reappears.

Maintenance of teak wood decking

Periodically, as with any wooden floor, it will be necessary to sand and redo the finish. The frequency will depend on its use and the state. Outdoors will be more common.

There are those who, hiding in the fact that this wood has a natural oil that preserves it, decide not to apply any finish. Of course it will save a lot of time, varnish or teak oil, and certainly no other wood can last that long without maintenance. But seeing the high price of teak flooring, I am one of those who believe that it is better to take care of it.

Floor installation

The most common type of installation is to nail in battens. It is mainly due to the fact that most installations are done outdoors.

Inside, and when the subfloor allows, it can be glued. The advantage of this technique is that the result is generally more stable and allows for more complex installations.

It is increasingly common to find laminated teak floors, usually multilayered. This installation is much simpler and may not require complex works.