Tesla also wants to be a leader in solar solutions for homes

Tesla Solar, the integrable solar roofs of the company led by Elon Musk, have already started to be promoted and exhibited in the exhibition halls of the firm which, as it had announced, will continue its products and services for solar home systems the same business model as for electric vehicles: exhibition and sale through its own commercial premises.

Contain the costs for those who wish to acquire these solutions with the reduction of promotion expenses, such as door-to-door advertisements or advertisements, are the objectives of this commercial strategy for which Tesla will gradually strengthen the presence of its solar panels and roofs in some of its establishments.

So, in some of the company’s stores in places like California, Washington or Honolulu, you can already see Tesla’s home solar power products. It’s him start of a journey that will continue in nearly 70 own stores around the world, in which these solutions will begin to be promoted and commercialized, as indicated by the company in its quarterly report at the United States Securities Commission.

Tesla assures that after a period during which he tested this system, he detected an improvement in the productivity of sales of its solar solutions by 50%. The good results of this pilot do not come alone, since the firm assures that its integrated solar roofs have been so well received that so many tiles have already reached the point of being sold out in 2018.

And, although Tesla continues to offer other solutions, the one that has become the protagonist in recent months is its innovative proposal for an integrable solar roof, an adjective the company is changing into “invisible” to illustrate how this system goes completely unnoticed. To do this, the roofs incorporate tempered glass tiles that combine conventional pieces with.

In addition to the aesthetics, the proposal also appears to be fully integrable with the company’s home energy storage system –Powerwall– so that it can be used when needed most.

Another aspect that Tesla underlines is the price of the system, lower than others on the market, they ensure, in addition to its sustainability, of which the company is so convinced that it contributes “Infinite guarantee”. Tiles, they point out, triple in strength to those commonly used for roofing.