The Tesla and SolarCity project on Tau Island, an island in American Samoa, is to make the island self-sufficient in energy by talking to a micro-grid. All the electricity they need will be obtained through solar energy.


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With Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity, the projects that motivate its CEO, Elon Musk, begin.


Ta’u Island in the South Pacific is a territory that legally has a similar situation to Puerto Rico compared to the United States. The island has 600 inhabitants. Until now, they have produced electricity from fossil fuels, mainly diesel, about 1000 liters per day. Fuel comes by boat, with the problems that entails when talking about a remote Pacific island that is not on trade routes.


To alleviate this problem, Tesla and SolarCity will power the island solely with solar energy. The installation consists of 5,328 solar panels, with a capacity of 1.4 MW, it will be completed by 60 Tesla Powerpacks, which will store energy when it is necessary to consume it. The powerpacks have a storage capacity of 6 MWh, they charge in just over 7 hours with sunlight, which gives the island 3 days of autonomy without a drop of diesel or a ray of sunshine.


It is estimated that this project can save more than 400,000 liters of diesel per year.

With this type of project, it is shown that with current technology, it is already possible to live without depending on the combustion of fossil fuels.

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