Tesla’s wind and batteries will provide Nectar Farms’ new hydroponic farm with all the energy it needs.

Once again, the Tesla – Neoen couple are making headlines once again in Australia. The American producer has been selected to collaborate with the French developer on a new renewable energy storage project. A far cry from the record-breaking Hornsdale plant, Elon Musk’s company was this time hired to renovate and modernize the power supply to a major hydroponic farm in Victoria.

We are talking about the Nectar Farms which some time ago presented a plan to increase their production capacity by focusing on hydroponics technology. In fact, the original project envisioned the use of natural gas, as hydroponic greenhouses need both heat and CO2. However, rising fuel costs and unsecured supply have forced the company to move towards a more sustainable option.

This is where Tesla and Neoen come in. The former will build a 20 MW / 34 MWh lithium battery storage plant which will be coupled with the Bungala Green Power Hub wind project, built and operated by the latter in agreement with the ‘State of Victoria.

The wind farm will have an operating capacity of 204 MW, but only 15% of the energy produced will go to the hydroponic operations of the park; the rest will feed the local network via a connection agreement with the distribution company AusNet Services. According to a Neoen press release, this project represents the first major global collaboration between renewable energies and agrifood products of this type, but above all it would make this agricultural facility the first hydroponic farm in the world running entirely on wind energy.

Lily D’Ambrosio via Twitter.

Very satisfied, the Minister of Energy, Environment and Climate Change of the State, Lily D’Ambrosio, who at the time of signing the agreement with the French company said: “We provide affordable, safe and clean energy that will create new jobs across our state. This project will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and at the same time help meet Victoria’s renewable energy production targets: it will help meet the Labor government’s targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 15 to 20% by 2020. “