Tesla's new solar roof is cheaper than a conventional roof

Tesla solar roofs are starting to be installed in California, so far only available to their employees and customers with a Tesla electric vehicle. We can find several Twitter users giving us insight into Tesla’s long-awaited new product and how it works in the real world.

California by law requires solar power in new construction homes

Tesla is apparently in the process of installing its solar roofs on homes near its factory in Fremont, California. Twitter users who posted photos of their facilities coincided with locations near San José.

User photographs @Toblerhaus reveal that the tiles arrive in “blocks of a few tiles”. This could help streamline installation and wiring and reduce points of failure for this wiring, which is inserted into the roof tile supports to protect it from the sun or rain.

Images from @Toblerhaus also reveal more details about the roofing process. There is a water barrier, then a wooden structure on top that serves a dual purpose: to keep that barrier low and provide a surface for the solar shingles to mount on. The InterWrap PSU 30 Titanium power supply is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Tesla solar tiles come with their own lifetime warranty.

Another user called @triduchuynh shared images of an installed roof and three Powerwalls, and said they were waiting for their Model 3. Tesla announces on its website that its solar roof can power an entire house with renewable energy when it is combined with a Powerwall.

On March 31, @Toblerhaus said the roof was operational and even though it was cloudy the power was five kilowatts. @triduchuynh confirmed that they are still waiting for Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) to turn on their solar roof.