SolarCity. Image: Book of Jennie Shutterstock

According to the New York Times, the multinational Tesla led by Elon Musk will reduce the price of its solar panels by 16%.

The first news that had been known pointed to a 36% drop in the price of solar panels, but in reality the price drop will be 16%, confirmed on April 30 by Tesla, a considerable figure in such an important product. to fight against climate change.

Achieving these lower prices can only be achieved by manufacturing more solar panels with only standard measurements, and selling them online directly to the end user, thus removing middlemen from the sales chain.

This new pricing policy is presented as an incentive for the acquisition of solar panels by Tesla, after announcing a 36% drop in new solar installations during the first quarter of the year in the United States. One way to stop the decline and revitalize the sector. Tesla has made a strong commitment to its sunroof with a lifetime warranty.

In 2016, Tesla made a significant investment, more than $ 2.5 billion, in the acquisition of the solar panel company SolarCity, to bring your brand into all the homes of your customers. In addition to solar panels, they also produce batteries to store the electricity produced, called Powerwalls.

A general drop in prices in the renewable energy sector would be a global boost against climate change.