Solar Tesla
Tesla Solar. Image: Joni Hanebutt – Shutterstock.

Tesla solar panels are now more efficient and cheaper. A 10% increase in efficiency is not negligible.

Tesla doesn’t just make cars. The company also designs, manufactures and installs solar panels, both in their traditional architecture and in modules that resemble conventional tiles.

And if the solar tile seems to be a path towards a more widespread deployment of renewable energies, conventional photovoltaic solar panels remain the best solution for the solar industry.

Tesla solar panel
Tesla solar panel. Image: Chuck Westerlund – Shutterstock.

Tesla has updated its panels to be 10% more efficient and also lowered its prices. Since the panel sizes and designs remain exactly the same, this is an impressive upgrade.

Tesla rated its mid-size panel at 7.56kW before the upgrade, but it’s now listed as 8.16kW. The price has also dropped from $ 19,500 to $ 16,000. This increased efficiency, combined with a price drop of more than 17%, could convince a large number of homeowners to make the leap to solar power.

However, all has not been good for Tesla’s solar division. Some of its solar panels have caused fires, one in a Walmart store and the other in an Amazon warehouse. The company also recently canceled previous orders for its solar shingles. Hopefully, these more efficient panels don’t encounter any major issues.

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