Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable energy future. The company has always included solar power in its plan and recognized the need to manufacture an economical, durable and visually integrated solar roof with energy storage in batteries.

Well after its official presentation it can be booked today (only for US and UK). Sales will be made before reservation, and may be canceled when the order must be confirmed. Something Tesla has already used in the manufacture of its Model S, helping to finance its manufacture.

The Tesla solar roof complements the architecture of a house while producing clean electricity. With a built-in battery, the energy generated during the day is stored to be available at all times, making your home self-sufficient. Solar energy can be produced, stored and used day and night, providing energy without interruption, even without being connected to the electricity grid.

While the numbers are still a bit uncertain, the company says their solar roofs are cheaper than conventional roofs, in addition to reducing or even eliminating the electricity bill. The final technical characteristics are still being defined by Tesla engineers, who develop the product while marketing it. As for the price, the previous estimate is $ 21.85 per square foot (0.30 m).

The solar roof combines two types of tiles, one solar and the other common. Looking at the roof from street level, they both look alike. Customers can select the number of solar tiles they need based on their electricity consumption. So whether the tile is solar or not, both will look the same, so that at first glance they will not be able to tell them apart and will help improve the exterior appearance of the house.

Tesla has created a calculator to help you size your facility, allowing homeowners to estimate the initial price to invest, as well as the amount of energy it can generate. The calculator is based on factors such as the size of the roof, the local price of electricity, and the solar incidence your neighborhood receives throughout the year.

The sunroof is available in a variety of models. It is made of tempered glass, durable and lightweight, which will have a guaranteed lifetime warranty on durability, 30 years of power generation and 30 years of weather resistance.

Customers in the United States can now take advantage of it. The in other countries starts to be organized this year.

More information: tesla.com