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Amid the almost daily barrage of information that Tesla generates, the firm led by Elon Musk has, without advertising in between, donated solar panels for a total of 569 kW of energy. With him, the non-governmental organization GRID Alternatives will bring solar energy to 150 destitute families in the United States.

The donation was announced by the NGO at a 2.6kW home installation in Paramount, Calif., also attended by apprentices who, after being imprisoned, were trained in solar energy by the Homeboy Industries collective.

And is that Tesla’s contribution is not only in the equipment, but also. So, as stated by GRID Alternatives, this will also promote up to 15,000 hours of practical training so that the impact on the most disadvantaged communities goes further and that also translates into an opportunity to access a job that is in demand in the United States.

‚ÄúSolar energy has many benefits for the most disadvantaged communities. It reduces pollution, provides more affordable housing for families with financial difficulties, and provides employment opportunities for those in need of employment. “, says Erica Mackie, founder and manager of GRID Alternatives.

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For this reason, in addition to promoting access to clean energy for those who need the most savings on their electricity bills and who have the most difficulty in obtaining these technologies, Tesla is also working with this NGO to connect people trained as installers of solar energy systems with job offers. generated by the company.

The 150 homes that will benefit from this Tesla donation will join the many homes that GRID Alternatives has already used solar energy for. Indeed, this non-profit organization which, in principle, that the transition to clean energy must include everyone, has already deployed nearly 9,000 installations to low-income families and affordable housing providers.

This effort to extend the benefits of clean energy to those who do not have the economic capacity to afford the expense translates into 33 MW of installed capacity, which has saved $ 270 million in energy costs. electricity and up to 742,000 tonnes of emissions. greenhouse gas. In addition, 33,500 people have received professional training in solar energy as part of this entity’s work with low-income communities in the United States and around the world.