First rechargeable solar battery

LAST HOUR: Presentation of Powerwall, Tesla’s battery capable of storing renewable energy.

We already have a date for presentation of the new Tesla battery that promises to remove our homes from the commercial power grid.

Two months ago, Tesla announced to the world that it had developed a battery to completely remove your home from the commercial power grid, and now, Elon Musk releases date the company will present its new product non-automotive during an event on April 30.

Tesla energy storage

By email to your investors, You’re here confirmed that will unveil a battery that can change the rules of the national electricity market, at the end of this month.

Such a battery could be a boon for renewable energies. Currently, the vast majority of homes equipped with solar panels or other means of producing green energy are still connected to the commercial electricity grid to provide them with power when there is no sun or wind.

Charging the Tesla Model

The new Tesla battery is expected to build on existing systems capable of storing excess solar energy for use at any time of the day, including take advantage of the cheapest nightly rates, to be able to use this energy during the day, where there is more demand and where the cost of energy is higher. This is not only a benefit for renewables, it is also potentially beneficial for people living in areas where energy sources are unreliable due to isolation or areas that have suffered a natural disaster. .

Tesla Home Battery

Not a word on the price of the battery, or any other technical detail, which they are saving to reveal on April 30.