Tesla's new battery could take your home away from the commercial power grid

Have you ever thought about getting rid of your electric bill? Say goodbye to the electric bill, Tesla will bring electricity to homes in six months. And is that Tesla is working on a battery that could help you break away from your utility company, essentially turning any house into an island outside of the commercial grid. But in Spain they try to make it difficult by taxing the process, If you want to become independent from the Spanish electricity grid, things will be very complicated.

UPDATE: Tesla begins to deliver its first batteries Powerwall.

Before you know it, a home might even be generating enough power to make a profit from selling its excess electricity by selling it to a traditional utility company. At Tesla, they promise a battery to store renewable energy that will eliminate the current reliance on power companies.

Like many of Tesla’s projects, this one is just around the corner. Elon Musk announced to investors that the design of this homemade battery is complete. The general public will be able to access the design next month, with start of production in just six months.

Tesla’s new battery it could be the meeting point for renewables and end consumers every day at any time in a logical and practical way. The challenge of storing clean energy from solar or wind energy is one of the keys for renewable energies to take off permanently. Although the price of the new Tesla battery has not been commented on, it is very likely that it represents a saving compared to the electric grid throughout its useful life.

Say goodbye to the electric bill, Tesla will bring electricity to homes in six months

In addition, These batteries could be of benefit to those who live in areas where the power grid is unreliable due to power outages.. Some people solve this problem by installing a gas or propane generator, which is not always practical or economical.

This energy storage system could be revolutionary for the United States and Europe, where consumers are looking for ways to avoid bills with different alternative possibilities. Electricity companies will hardly have time to react, Musk says.

Tesla already offers residual energy storage products through SolarCity Corp, the solar energy company of which Musk is the largest shareholder.

According to OCU, the battery of Tesla is really struggling to establish itself in Spain. The Spaniards will hardly be able to disconnect from the electricity grid and be self-sufficient in energy, since our country does not facilitate the use of renewable energies.

The Spanish government is set to approve a royal decree that provides for charging users for every kilowatt hour they produce. Not only will they charge you to generate electricity during the day, but they will not allow you to take advantage of the supplement at night. Their argument is that the self-consumer of electricity must pay a toll for the production for his own use, so that the fixed costs of the electricity system do not fall on the rest of the consumers and thus avoid a “tariff increase” of the electricity. . all users.