Tesla's self-sufficient solar micro-house presented by Model X in Australia

Tesla takes to the streets to show off his technology. In Australia, a Tesla Model X shows a micro-house with a solar system and an integrated Powerwall, giving the curious opportunity to see Tesla technology in action. Electrek shared a few images of this tiny house, which serves as a mobile design studio in major cities across Australia.

This tiny Tesla house is incredibly eye-catching: sustainably coated, chemical-free from the wood, measures 20 x 7 x 13 feet, and features a 2kW photovoltaic system with six panels. It also incorporates a Tesla Powerwall battery outside the house.

Naturally, this house is powered 100% by renewable energy, and people can visit it to install and design their own solar system with custom storage for their own home. A tour with staff provides detailed information: “The tour is designed to provide an one-on-one educational experience on how to integrate Powerwall and solar power to seamlessly power your home off-grid.”

Australia is a key market for Tesla products, according to Electrek: 1.5 million homes in the country have solar panels, one of the highest in the world per capita for rooftop solar.

Tesla plans to bring that home to Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in August, September and early October. However, the company says on its website that anyone in Australia can request a stop.

Via electrek.co