Tesla is ready to expand its solar roof around the world. The California-based company has filed a sunroof patent with the European Patent Office.

The patent, titled “Packaging for Solar Roof Tiles,” describes the roof structure of a single Tesla solar tile. Although this patent has already been filed in the United States, it is now filed with the European Patent Office.

The patent filing appears to be the first step in CEO Elon Musk’s desire to enter the international market with the Tesla sunroof later this year.

The patent description explores the composition of a solar tile module, indicating that the assembly includes “a plurality of solar tiles placed side by side and one or more tile spacers. The tiles are electrically and mechanically coupled to each other“.

In the United States, Tesla’s solar rooftop platform has peaked according to the company’s first quarter of 2020. Weekly solar roof production at Tesla’s New York City plant in Buffalo has exceeded 4 MW, enough for 1,000 homes.

Production of the Solar Roof platform will require increased production rate in New York City, as Musk indicated that initial orders from European customers would be served by the company’s solar power manufacturing plant in the United States. . This strategy may change in the future depending on the demand for the solar roof in European markets.

The solar roof has many advantages for homeowners who decide to use it to generate household energy. Although practical, traditional solar panels do not meet the aesthetic needs typical of some homes, which could ultimately distract people from their use.

From an economic standpoint, Tesla’s solar products have been compared to a money-making machine. “With the price of Tesla’s solar roofs, it’s like having a ticket printer on your roof if you live (in) a state with high electricity costs.The CEO said on Twitter. “Buying is better, but the rental option is also profitable“.

You can check Tesla’s solar roof patent registration in the EU here.