The solution attracted attention on social media for its simplicity and efficiency.

A supermarket in Chiangmai, Thailand, is testing an alternative to avoid the excessive use of plastic in fruit and vegetable packaging. The solution found by Rimping Supermarket was to use a resistant material, which they have in abundance, totally organic and even beautiful: banana leaves.

Wrapping with banana leaves is not really new to the culinary culture of some tropical countries, like Asia. In India, they have used banana leaves for rice dishes for centuries, while neighboring China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia have used them for packaging food. In Brazil, it is also used by the indigenous culture and Caiçara.

The Rimping supermarket has chosen the banana leaves intelligently. The leaves are thick, wide and flexible. They can be easily rolled and folded, without breaking, and also withstand temperature variations, ideal for the refrigerated aisle.

The completely organic leaves are quite resistant and perfectly protect the products, to which they add a natural fiber loop to close the packaging.

As you can guess, the benefits of replacing banana leaves with plastic wrappers are endless. On the one hand, the leaf is organic matter and decomposes naturally, unlike plastic, which takes hundreds of years to completely disappear, in the process it pollutes ecosystems and kills thousands of animals.

Another benefit is that composting banana leaves adds nutrients to the soil, leaving it richer. Banana leaves are even waterproof, their surface does not absorb water when exposed to humid conditions.

The simple and effective solution, which was only a pilot project in the beginning, but ended up gaining the world’s attention and the public response was amazing, supporting it not only to be sustainable, but also to add a special touch to the shopping experience. in the supermarket.

As we can see, there are alternatives that can help the food industry in their search for an alternative to plastic.

The photos were shared on the Facebook page of Perfect Homes Chiangmai.