This is a list of basic woodworking tools for everyone just starting out in the do-it-yourself and wood world. With them, you can do most of the basic carpentry tasks and are also an excellent gift for anyone interested in DIY.

Circular saw

It is, together with the drill, the basic tool for woodworking. It cannot be missed unless we have a table saw. With her You can cut all kinds of materials, as long as we have the right blade and enough power.

With a good guide, you can get really straight and accurate cuts.

If you are going to work with MDF, melamine or plywood boards and want to make the best cut without lifting chips at the edges, choosing the saw blade and speed are essential.

To choose the portable circular saw that best suits you, you can use this small guide. In it we describe the different benefits that this type of saw can offer.

Driver exercise

In that case, he would not save on expenses or benefits. Drills, or rather, drill drivers, are essential.

  • Choose one with a lot of power. Although I don’t use it much, it is possible that at some point you will need to drill through concrete or some stone. Percussion is also recommended in this regard.
  • Battery with plenty of autonomy. Drills are used, a lot.
  • Go for fast bit changing. Even though I may have several exercises, I would still add this feature.

Along with the drill, it is advisable to use a drill guide. Thanks to this, not only will we obtain an excellent result, we can also make hidden assemblies or use bushings.

To obtain a good result, it is not only necessary a good drill. Choose the suitable drill, tip and screws. There are not many things as annoying as not being able to remove a screw because the tip of the screwdriver or the screw head is blurred.


If we need to perform small, precise or curved cuts the hand saw is no longer useful to us. For these cases, the jigsaw is the basic carpentry tool.

Jig machines do not offer as much play and performance as the rest of the tools. The final decision must be made based on the power and quality of the saw. In the latter sense, there are a wide variety of options and benefits: fast cutting, precision, material …

Two interesting accessories could be: guide for making straight cuts and suction, or at least adapted to incorporate it.

Getting perfect cuts with a puzzle is for professionals, so don’t despair if the results are not as expected at first.

Tip: A common trick to prevent the wood from splintering when sawing is to use masking tape. We place it along the cutting area, carefully cut and remove. You will find that the result is much cleaner.

Orbital Sander

tools for wood

Whether you like sanding or not, it is essential in all carpentry work. In fact, the sander can be the electrical joinery tool you’ve been using for the longest time.

Desirable features include good vibration control, a speed regulator and dust collection facilities.

Orbital sanders are by no means the only type of sander that exists, they are not the most powerful or the ones that allow you to reach complex corners, but they are still the most versatile type. They have a good performance / price ratio, allow to work on a wide variety of surfaces, are easy to use …

Router, spinning top or manual milling machine

This fifth and final wooden tool is perhaps the most versatile of all. With it, we can make a leap in quality in our work. With the right drill or cutter, we can perform virtually any carpentry task: cutting, milling, profiling …

In the market the offer is quite wide, so we must ask ourselves why we are going to use our manual milling machine.

It will also be necessary to make an additional investment in strawberries, both in quality and variety. In many cases, each of them can add something more to our work.

Stacks on wooden tools

Today it is possible to purchase some or all of these tools with interchangeable batteries. It is a great advantage, as we will significantly reduce investment, and we can switch from one to another if we need to.

On the other hand, the manufacturers did not agree with a standardized system. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase all these wood tools from the same brand if we want to change the batteries. Which is a big limitation.