The "Solar school" self-sufficient in Thailand, we should learn from

A Thai monk revolutionizes his community with the use of renewable energies. Prakruwimolpanyakhun (Master Monk Wimolpanyakhun), also known as “Solar Monk”, sold his house to finance the construction of Sisaengtham School, a school that teaches its students to be autonomous, to build photovoltaic systems at the same time as the cultivation of organic gardens. Located in the forests of Ubon Ratchathani province in northeast Thailand, the solar school is powered exclusively by solar energy and only pays $ 1 per month on the electricity bill, the minimum amount necessary to keep the meter connected to the network. National.


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Founded in 2010, Sisaengtham School offers a high school curriculum that combines hands-on learning in autonomy, spirituality, community development, and academic subjects including reading and writing. According to ProgressTH, the school’s focus on sustainable technologies was inspired by Thailand’s national policy, which promotes local and national sustainability and self-reliance. Students learn to grow organic produce, which is used in the school canteen and also sold to help generate additional income for the school.

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Students also have the opportunity to interact directly with the school’s photovoltaic systems and apply their knowledge and skills in solar energy projects for the community. One of these projects involved building mobile solar systems, which connect to farm water pumps and reduce farmers’ dependence on gasoline tractors. The school is also developing solar kits to help increase its income and ensure financial self-sufficiency. The solar school also offers training courses for visitors who want to learn how to empower their community.