Do you like eye-catching kitchens? The color trends for kitchens 2020 have focused a lot on the return to white and pastel tones, but it looks like for the next year a return to more striking colors is in order. So let’s see below, the best kitchens in bright colors.

The best brightly colored kitchens

It seems like when it comes to kitchens there is nothing better to choose for these neutral colors or very soft and perhaps for this reason every year kitchens in tones such as white or the aforementioned pastel tones are required, but it is also true that from time to time it surprises and pleases, to be able to see a kitchen full of bright colors. In fact, ten years ago, kitchens in red became very fashionable, with furniture and appliances lacquered in this color, and it seems that this trend is returning, although with a variety of tones without a doubt. absolutely spectacular. The ones we present to you are without a doubt the best:

Yellow kitchen

Photo: Instagram @alysdesignllc

Who says yellow is not a suitable color for the kitchen? What is certain is that if you have space and also a good source of natural light, you can get it your kitchen is as spectacular as the one you see above, because precisely thanks to the yellow of the furniture, the light entering through the windows stands out even more. An option that, however, may not look so good in a kitchen with limited space or a dimly lit kitchen.

Red kitchen

the kitchens in red, as we commented earlier, they were already a trend years ago and now it looks like they are making a big comeback. You can choose a kitchen like the one you see above, with furniture in red, combined with a wall in white, so that you give this space a lively and colorful appearance, but without it being overwhelming.

On another sideIf you like red, but your kitchen is too small, and you think painted red will reduce the space a lot, you can choose this other option, with a kitchen in soft colors, thiswith only one element in red (the refrigerator).

Green kitchen

Green is a spectacular color rarely used in decorating spaces such as the kitchen. It is usually seen a lot in the living room, bedroom and even the bathroom thanks to the placement of plants, but now it also seems to be a suitable color for the kitchen, although as we see above. That is to say, choose it for furniture such as cabinets, chairs or lamp and combine it with white for an elegant and bright space.

Blue kitchen

he blue This is another of the best colors for brightly colored kitchens. In this case, as with green, it might be too striking a color, so it might be a good idea. choose it only for the furniture or as seen above, for the central island combining with other neutral tones such as white or light gray.

Or also, if we have a small kitchen which is also not very new, we can choose blue to give it a renewed look. It will be enough only, with paint a single wall blue and thus radically change the look of the kitchen.

Orange kitchen

he Orange color It can also be a great option as a bright color for our kitchen. In fact, we can tell you that in the same way it happens with red, it is a trending color for 2021 kitchens, not only making everything look striking, but also reminding us of vintage kitchens. like the one we see above. On the other hand, if you look at this, it is also a color that goes very well with the color of the wood.

In this other kitchen that you see above, we check once again how good the orange color combined with the wood color is, although orange is a secondary color when you take into account that white is also the protagonist of the kitchen.

Lilac kitchen

Do you like lilac or purple? It is undoubtedly a pretty special color, so choosing it for the kitchen implies that you have to assume that it will have an appearance that will not look like anything, as can be seen in the image above. Lilac is a color that is always linked in one way or another with magic and mystery, so In the case of choosing it for a kitchen, you will make the space look like we say, different from everything else. Of course, we will have to try to have a kitchen that is large, because in a small one it seems that it would be too small.

However, and being a really vivid color, we can still choose lilac for just one of the kitchen items, as we see in this other proposal above, with a kitchen in white, with lilac stools.

Pink kitchen

Pink is a generally chosen color for decorating bedrooms, but what about the kitchen? The truth is, if you want to be able to have an authentic striking color in your kitchen, choose a pink combined with yellow and white as we see above can be a great idea.

Or we can also choose why not, as we have already seen with red or lilac, by choose a single pink item, standing out in a white kitchen. In this case, a lamp.

Kitchen with different colors

Finally, in our review of the best brightly colored kitchens, we want to show you this image that we think is undoubtedly spectacular. A kitchen in which the combination of different colors was chosen for the furniture. A type of modern cuisine, which we can get it in a simple way, painting the cabinet doors and drawers ourselves in different colors, or even glue colored vinyls.