In Wood Me we are now talking about paint for the walls and which one we should choose for each corner of the house. In addition to the colors that can best favor each room.

The choice of paint for the walls of the house will always depend on the space and the natural light coming in through the windows, although colors should always be chosen from these two factors to ensure that everything is always spacious and bright. We can also choose from several types of paints.

Wall colors 2020

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Tips for choosing the best color for the walls

When choosing the color of the walls, it is good to take into account some general options and tips that could be followed in order to get the best style and color for that space. Colors always attract us because they remind us of emotions and inspire us to the maximum, making our dreams come true and be in ourselves. But nevertheless, despite this, it is not easy to know how to combine them and much more to choose the color of the walls of a space, which will become the symbol and the fundamental key to achieve the exact point sought. .

Generally, the most classic colors for the walls are white or beige. This is due to the effect of these colors. If you have a small space and need to make it look bigger, there is no doubt that white or beige is the best option you can take to achieve this. However, it can be a bit boring to have these colors in our house since these neutral colors do not set or decorate but leave a space in a neutral way so that we can put the color and accessories that we choose in this regard. If you have a lot of natural light, neutral colors work great – the best you can do when choosing your wall color:

-Look for a color that inspires you. Regardless of its color, just focus on what kind of atmosphere the color is capable of creating and visualizing it in your space. It might be seeing the color in a photo or some other space you’ve been to for inspiration.

– Trust your decision. Sometimes we stick with neutral colors because we don’t trust the decision. It’s about trying and thinking that color can change absolutely everything and that doesn’t mean it has to be there forever.

-Adjust the color to your space. Sometimes the color we choose for the photograph that inspired us is very good but it needs a few changes for our space, either because of the type of furniture or the general lighting we have.choose the wall color

-Palette. Think that in that base color you have chosen, there are many more color options around you that you can select, with which, take this opportunity and mix whatever you need.

Type of paint for walls

  • Tempera or water paints: It is a paint which can be matt or glossy and which is also porous. It dries very quickly and barely smells. We can also find it in different colors and they are ideal for any wall although also recommended for those who tend to have humidity although they are more resistant to the effect of this.
  • Latex paints: This is actually the primer paint that we use before painting with the final paint. Ideal for new or very porous walls.
  • Water-based acrylic enamel paint: This type of paint contains Water as a solvent, they are generally easy to clean and last a long time.
  • Synthetic enamel paint: Composed mainly of alchemical resin, they take longer to dry between coats. Although the finish is more resistant. Ideal for exterior walls.
  • Plastic paints: Its composition consists of vinyl or acrylic resins in which the solvent is water. They are very easy to apply and are therefore ideal for rooms and bedrooms. They also dry quickly and are odorless; we will find them in matt or shiny tones.
  • Paints that prevent condensation: This type of paint is ideal for rooms in the house where a lot of water vapor accumulates, such as the bathroom or the kitchen.
  • Anti-mold paints: Its main function is to prevent the appearance of fungi, it is ideal for very humid places because it has waterproof qualities. They are of immediate application.

On the other hand, the choice of paint for the walls will also be influenced by the color we want to choose or in fact the one that best suits each room in the house.