If you love crafts, you will surely have organized a creative afternoon with the kids, but you can also make others that will be used to decorate the house or make a nice gift for that special someone. Next let’s see what they are the best crafts for adults.

Crafts for adults

The best crafts for adults

There are many professions for adults that we can find, many of them from recycled elements, so we will see them below, so that you can give your home a really unique decoration or you can create an almost work of art, to give to someone for their birthday or anniversary.

Mosaic table

Mosaics are a decorative technique that has a special charm. At home we can create works of art like this one that we show you in the image above.

You will only need a small old table that you want to be able to give a renewed look. Sand the table well and then you just have to apply small pieces or pieces of colored glass, imitating the style of mosaics. These pieces can be used from old dishes that you should try to break carefully, or you can buy them at craft stores as well.

To glue the parts, just use some hot silicone. After everything is glued, if you see any gaps, you can fill them with a little putty. Finally, you can sand the top a bit, so that there are no raised parts.

Mirror with spoons

Another great craft for adults that we can do is create a mirror like this one you see in the picture above, in which the edge comes off, decorated with spoons.

If you have a round mirror in your home that you want a new style or something so basic doesn’t look good, you can take and recycle old spoons or ask a family member to give you these cutlery that he will throw away.

Clean the cutlery well, in our case spoons, then with a little acrylic paint, or also with spray paint, you paint all the cutlery.

Once you’ve painted everything and drying this painting, you just need to glue the cutlery to the mirror.

For this you must drop a drop of hot silicone and glue each piece of cutlery one by one by the edge of the mirror.

In case our mirror has a frame, we can do something like the one shown in the photo. That is, two levels of spoons or cutlery, so that we can create a kind of sun for our mirror in the hall, or also to create a nice gift for special days like Mother’s Day.

On another side, if we have silver cutlery that shines a lot, maybe you can skip the painting step and paste it directly to make your mirror much more visible.

Balls with shells

This other adult craft is sure you will love it. An ideal craft for example to decorate the house during the summer and which consists in taking a foam ball and glue several seashells that we collected on the beach to it.

Foam balls are easy to find at craft stores, craft stores, and even toy stores, but if you can’t find them, you can also use old balls you have at home and, well sure, styrofoam balls.

To begin with, you have to clean the balls well, and once you have dried them, you need to paint them with pearl craft paint (which you can also buy at a craft or craft store) and let it dry.

Then you need to select the shells. It is better to collect a lot of seashells on the beach so that you can make a better selection. Try to choose the whole shells and that they are also of similar size.

Once you have chosen the shells, cover the edge of them with a little glue. Then you hit and hit the ball, so that you can cover it completely as we show you in the picture.

The next step is to take a little sand and iridescent glitter in a plastic cup and stir with a stick. Apply diluted glue to the areas between the shells using a craft or craft brush. Once the glue has been applied and before it dries, you must sprinkle the mixture with sand and glitter and remove the excess. Continue painting with fine glue and sprinkle the balls until each ball is adorned with sand glitter.

Finally we offer you flavor the balls, To do this, place three to five drops of coconut fragrance oil under one or two shells before sticking them on. You will notice how your craft, placed in a container as a centerpiece, becomes the admiration of all.

Lightweight pots with lid

Finally, we offer you a beautiful craft ideal for those of you who also know how to knit.

It consists only of recycle some mason jars and transform them into small lampposts that we can place on the terrace or in the garden.

The key is here weave the lids for the jar. Depending on your technique or your crochet or knitting skill, you can create a more or less elaborate cover, but you have to keep in mind that yes, first of all you have to measure the surface of the pot and the height to be able to knit a cover of the right size.

In addition, once the cover is done, do not forget to tie it at the top with a small satin ribbon, to make the pot look even more beautiful.

Finally, when you have everything, you will only have add a strip of LED lights inside the pot and you’re done!

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