Bamboo is not just a sustainable material. It is also versatile and in fact there is a lot you can do with it, also being a great choice due to its exotic touch and the fact that it is a sustainable source. We then see below, the best handcraft with bamboo.

The best craftsmanship with bamboo

If you like being able to renew certain aspects of the house from original manual works, nothing like opting for bamboo to carry out works that will be perfect for the garden, which will serve as ideas for the terrace and also to decorate your house.

Fence and wall planters

Making planters for the fences of our garden or for the walls of the terrace, is one of the bamboo crafts easier to achieve. If you’ve tried shopping for garden supplies, you might have been surprised at how expensive pots can get. For him, if you want to save money while putting your skills to the test, you can make bamboo planters.

To make them you need basic woodworking tools like a hand saw, a table saw and a hand drill. Also you need a piece made of thick bamboo about 20 centimeters long.

For a very basic planter all you need to do is cut bamboo. Make sure you have the lower nodes intactbecause this will hold will be the base of the pot.

Once the bamboos are cut, it is time to drill holes. Drill a hole on each side of the bamboo near the base. After that, drill another in the middle of the previous two holes, but this time only half an inch from the open edge (look at the picture above).

After that, thread a piece of thick thread through the bottom holes. After that get another piece for connect it to the top hole. You should create a somewhat triangular formation with the cables so that they are used to hang.

Trellis for the garden

If you plant vines in your garden, a bamboo trellis it will be useful to you. For this project you need thin bamboo sticks.

Buy at least 14 poles which measure approximately 120 cm high (or the height you want or need).

Then, you need thin nylon ropes to tie each bamboo pole. Start by placing the First 7 posts vertically. After that, place another post at the top horizontally. Now you can start tie each post in a crisscross direction. Tie each bamboo vertically until you have the first layer ready. Repeat this process until you have placed the 7 horizontal posts.

If you find the nylon cords slippery, you can opt for long zip ties. Use two zip ties for each point of intersection bamboo sticks for a cross finish.

You can place this trellis against a nearby base to hold it in place. In this way, can also be used as a decorative fence where your plants can grow. If you want, you can use thicker bamboo poles to hang your pots on.

Lamps with bamboo

Bamboo can also be used for make beautiful lamps. Admittedly, this is a very simple DIY project, but the results will blow your mind. Once your lamps are finished, you can use them to illuminate your patio or also to give a special charm to any room in the house.

For this you need wide and thick bamboo sticks. you must cut the top diagonally. With this you will see how one side is higher and the other side is lower.

In reference to length, 15 centimeters will be fine from the bottom to the lowest edge of the post. After that, create two bamboo containers smaller than the first one.

You also need small battery operated LED lights that are yellow. Place each light inside the bamboo containers. The yellow light will mimic candle light and create a slight shadow that looks really cool at night.

Another alternative is to use real candles, but only for larger bamboo sticks. This is to prevent the candle from burning the bamboo.

Garden bench

If you are planning to create something useful for your garden, a bamboo bench it will be a good option. For this job, you will need bamboo poles that are one meter long. More messages thin they are ideal in this case so that you can attach them comfortably. You also need A set of thicker posts for the legs and frame of the bench. Apart from that, you will need a few meters of steel wire. You can also use strong nylon ropes.

First of all, you must assemble all the thin posts and start joining them with the steel wire. That way, once you’re done, they will become the bench seating surface. It is best to plan these thinner posts with two taller posts on each side. However, make sure that all the posts are flat and that none of them protrude over the others.

After that, create the legs of the bench by connecting two shorter posts of the same length to both ends of another post. After that, connect the horizontal part of the legs to the base of the bench than you did before. You can also add extra support at the bottom to make the bench more stable.

Bamboo bells

Another bamboo craft that you can make at home are beautiful bells that you can hang on the patio, garden or also on the balcony or any window.

For that, you need 6-12 bamboo sticks of different lengthsBut if you want to make a bigger bell, you can use up to 16 pieces of bamboo.

Other than that you need a durable yarn, as well as a glue gun, wooden beads, glue sticks, hoop or cross stitch hoop, scissors and needle.

Start wrap the cross stitch hoop with the thread. You can choose the color you like the most. So, place wooden beads on each piece of bamboo.

After that, thread the thread through the hole of the wooden beads, making sure everyone has the same length of wire. After that, tie each piece of threaded bamboo on the cross stitch hoop in order of length. Finally, braid three meters of wire and use it as an accessory to hang the bells.