Decorating a bedroom for a teenager can be a challenge for parents. Children, when they reach a certain age, understand the room as their own world, so we will have to assess their tastes and opinions, but also follow a series of guidelines, with which to make the room as functional as possible. Next let’s see what they are the best ideas and keys to decorate a youth bedroom.

At the time of choose the decoration of a youth bedroom, we don’t just have to choose the wall color or the quantity and style of furniture that we will place inside, but we can also resort to some ideas which allow the young man or the young woman who will occupy the room to feel at ease, relaxed and in an environment that he recognizes as his own.

The best ideas and keys to decorate a youth bedroom

A teenager’s room or a youth’s room, it is not only a place to sleep but also a place to spend time with friends, or They study or where they spend time with their mobile or their computer. For this reason, furniture will be chosen according to needs constantly changing from this difficult time. Let’s find out the best ideas for 2020 to understand how to decorate the youth room.

The best furniture for a youth bedroom

If you think about how to furnish a teenager’s room , the first piece of advice we will give you is to consult the young man or woman who will be using the room. Remember, in fact, that adolescents have very specific demands and struggle to adapt their tastes to those of others, let alone if they are their parents.

The best ideas and keys to decorate a youth bedroom bed

Any youth bedroom must however have, a single bed that because of his age, you can ask for it to be something bigger than the typical 90 bed that all children have. Fortunately, they exist on the market today 135 cm beds which can be considered as double beds, but can also be used individually, so that if your son or daughter requests a larger bed and the bedroom has the enough space, it might be a good idea to escape into the youth rooms that we see everywhere.

The best ideas and keys to decorate the cushions of a youth room

On the other hand, teenagers love to lie down or sit in bed, not only to sleep but also to be with their laptop or mobile, so besides a good bed this can also be a good idea. place several soft cushions and a bedspread on the bed to protect clothes. Also think that the idea of ​​cushions is a trend, so that you can make sure that the youngster will be comfortable and his bedroom will look fashionable.

As for wardrobeThis is something that can never be missing in a youth bedroom, but if we want to keep up with the trends, or maybe come up with something different for our son or daughter, it might convince them to have a closet no doors since they are fashionable, and will allow you to have more at hand the clothes to wear on a daily basis.

It won’t hurt to have a good dresser because they will be very useful both for putting on clothes and for storing other items that they do not want to see.

Another of the furniture elements with which we can also decorate the youth room will be a beautiful office table with its corresponding chair. Your son or daughter may enjoy doing homework or studying in bed, but it is important that he learns to work at the table, that he also has everything he needs to develop his job in high school or college. and that we will have What place as close as possible to the window to obtain good natural lighting.

Colors for the youth room

Regarding the colors, the choice varies enormously according to the taste of each teenager. Many girls like pastel colors in themselves which are trendy, but who may also like duller tones like Grey. Depending on the natural light we have and the size of the room, we can opt for walls painted in a specific color, or better, paint them white and reserve one for the color desired by the teenager.

Boys, on the other hand, tend to like more striking tones. like blue or red, as well as color contrasts. Always in this sense, it is necessary to enhance the above and above all never to choose a color which leads to a reduction in space.

Personalization and decoration of the youth room

In reference to personalize and decorate a teenager’s room, the choice will vary greatly depending on individual character and passions. Therefore, it is always better to value the opinion of your son or daughter to find the perfect decoration.

The best ideas and keys to decorate a bedroom from young posters

For example, he might tell you he’s going to hang posters on the walls. The truth is this is something we all did as a teenager so best not to avoid it and if you don’t want them leaving your wall full of holes just ask them to stick them with a little adhesive putty (the Blu tack of all life).

The best ideas and keys to decorate a youthful bedroom puff

On the other hand, they can accept ideas or proposals that we make to them and in this sense we can choose some of the trends of the moment, like placing some puffs so that their friends go to bed when they are invited, decorate with the curtains choosing a patterned pattern, proposing a mural on the wall from a adhesive vinyl with which you can form your name or also buy luminous letters to decorate your shelves.

Lighting for the youth room

The best ideas and keys to decorate a youth room with LED lights

Finally, we cannot forget the youth room lighting and although the important thing is to try make the most of the natural light coming through the window, we can’t miss one good ceiling lamp to light up when it’s dark, a lamp for the office table and if we want to come up with something decorative, we can resort to use of LED light strips around the bed Or hung on the wall for a much more special decor, your teenage son or daughter will surely love it.