If you have in mind that you can have a walk-in closet or closet at home, maybe you have thought about doing it with doors so that it escapes the fashion of the current locker room which always appears without this element. So let’s see what they are the best ideas to make your dressing room with doors.

Being able to have a walk-in closet with a door will also help us so that the clothes are not on the air, something that is not advisable if our dressing room is, for example, in a room where a lot of sun penetrates, because due to this it can lose its color. On the other hand, thanks to the doors we will prevent the clothes from receiving dust or moths, And one way or another, it is possible that the doors make the dressing room more elegant.

There are a lot of ideas that we can find to make our walk-in closet with doors, depending on our tastes, or in fact, the style of decoration that we want to apply to the dressing room and in this way we will choose a type of door and we will also be able to get our the locker room is better.

Dressing room with mirrored doors

One of the first ideas for making your wardrobe with doors, is to make sure that these are mirror. This way we can have a good dressing room even in a confined space, since if for example we do as in the image above, we will have a large dressing room, and thanks to the mirror door, we will be able to see each other without any problem to check whether our clothes are okay. Also, the simple fact that all the doors are mirrored will make the room much larger.

Changing rooms with sliding doors

On the other hand, we can do our sliding door wardrobeIf we take into account that it is currently a trend for cabinets to have this type of doors. In the image we see above, which is a project of the Mamen de la Concha studio, we can see a walk-in closet which has two panels of sliding doors fitted into the space which has been reserved for the walk-in closet. To make it beautiful, the best thing is that we can arrange the walk-in closet in a U-shape, so that with the doors we will get the walk-in closet to be closed so that it does not cease to be like any other. what other room.

This other idea that we show you below also has a walk-in closet that has sliding doors, although in particular it can be said to be colored panels, so that we can settle down in a simple way. So choose a room in the house or a corner of the room so that Once you have assembled the shelves, shelves, drawers and clothes rail, You can also install a sliding tarp on the floor and on the top, and buy this type of panel to make our sliding doors with them.

Dressing room with glass doors

This other idea seems very elegant to us, and it is also perfect for those who have a walk-in closet in a small space and even integrated into your own bedroom. A dressing room that has sliding doors like the ones we mentioned above, although they are made of tempered glass, so that one can guess that behind them there is a cloakroom, although nothing is transparent. An idea that is also perfect in the case of having been able to place the walk-in closet, and to want to make the whole room modern and as we say, elegant.

Another idea of ​​a walk in closet with tempered glass doors is the one we see above, ideal for changing rooms that are very small, in case we don’t want the closet of a lifetime. Some doors also combine glass and wood, which moreover is another type of door that we can choose for our boxes as we see in the following proposal.

Dressing room with wooden doors

Among the ideas of changing rooms with doors, we can also opt for those that are wood. In this sense, we can bet on something similar to what we see in the image above. In this way, if you have a small lodge, and once again integrated into the wall and inside the room, you can opt for doors as beautiful as the ones you see below. Nail conventional doors like those that any wardrobe can have, but which are fitted out for an entire dressing room, resulting in an elegant and uniform proposition.

In this other image we can see How is the cloakroom once the doors open. In this way, we have found that although small, it is a functional walk-in closet that has a lot of space that we cannot even imagine when closed.

Dressing room with hinged doors

For years, homes that had a room or closet with hinged doors were very common and it seems like this type of door is making a comeback, knowing that changing rooms or closets are the order of the day. In this sense, we can have a built-in dressing room, large or small, and place folding doors in front give it some air rustic, and they give it a lot of charm if in addition, as we see in the photo, we choose to paint them in color White.

We can opt for doors like the previous ones, with sheets, or doors that are like the ones we see in this other image. Some wooden doors that have a classic style, With a clear function to cover the locker room, but they hardly take up space because they can be folded down when we want to open them.

We’ve already seen some of the best ideas for making a walk-in closet with doors, but if you want to be able to see some more, then don’t miss the photo gallery that we leave for you below.