Do you want to be able to find a decor that is modern or maybe a classic, rustic or vintage style that suits you? There are many proposals that we can find in the many decoration stores that we have at our disposal, but what are the best stores to decorate your home? We want to accompany you now to meet the stores that you will surely love and with which you can decorate your home as you always wanted.

Some of them are perhaps better known and others are specialists in a specific type of decoration, but all of them are highly regarded and the best part is that you have them physically or online.

The best stores to decorate your home

As they say, there are many stores that you have available to decorate your home, but you should always know which ones are the ones with the latest decorative trends, or the fashionable furniture, as well as which ones have the best prices. Then let’s see what selection we make for youBased on which stores sell the most, which have the best reviews and which have gained the most popularity in recent months.


IKEA stands out, of course, among stores and decorating companies in many countries. In Spain they have been present for more than a decade and we can buy in their stores spread practically throughout the country, but also buy online.

In IKEA stores you will find tons of decoration proposals, as well as kitchen utensils, lighting, plants and of course, furniture with a marked Nordic style that eventually became a trend.

This is also the store in which many others are attached so do not hesitate and check out the new IKEA 2020 catalog.

Zara Home

While perhaps a little less popular than IKEA, Zara Home has come to establish itself among those looking for a distinctly minimalist decoration, but also with details that make the house beautiful by decorating with elements such as cushions, candles or mirrors.

Decor is very much based on detail, so Zara Home is a good option in this regard, and although sometimes its prices are somewhat expensive compared to the offers that IKEA usually does, the truth is that we can wait for them. sales to buy these and other decorative items that are essential, such as rugs, bedding or curtains, as well as everything related to housewares, dishes and kitchen items. They have stores all over Spain, but they also sell online.

Leroy Merlin

Although for many Leroy Merlin It is a store mainly focused on DIY, we can not forget that it also has a lot of decoration options both for the interior of the house and for the exterior.

In Leroy Merlin stores, you will find items to decorate the living room, bedrooms and even the bathroom, but in this specific case, you can also find Big offers as well as decorative proposals that you can make yourself from the materials and tools that they also sell. Like the stores mentioned above, Leroy Merlin is present throughout Spain as well as online.


Talk about Amazon is talking about the biggest store you can imagine. Surely you bought household products from Amazon, such as cleaning products, but also They sell furniture as well as items with which to decorate your home.

Perhaps this is the best option you have if you are looking for a specific decorative element. Maybe something that you’ve seen in a magazine or decorating site, or that you know they only sell in another country, and although depending on what it is the price can be a bit expensive ( remember that normally you will have to pay the shipping costs), it will be much more comfortable since any decoration purchase you make on Amazon can be done with a few clicks.


With a current style, but also committed to the economy, Merkamueble is another of the stores for decorating the house that we want to recommend. may be his specialty is in particular furniture for all rooms of the house, but the truth is, we also have many items that are used to decorate.

This way you can visit the Merkamueble page and buy online some of the latest trends of the season, for example in sofas, wardrobes or of course, those little items with which to decorate the house like mirrors.

The hall

It may sound like people specializing in decorating, but we have to talk about this online store that keeps growing in followers. If what you are looking for is a type of decoration based on the “vintage” style and more precisely, in the way the houses were decorated during the decade of the 50s, 60s and 70s, you should visit El Receidor’s website as soon as possible.

From tables and sofas, to chairs, lamps and even sideboards, this online store is perfect for finding that “retro” piece of furniture or decorative item you’ve been looking for. It should be warned that their prices may not be the cheapest, but everything they offer is undoubtedly fascinating.


Etsy is the last of the home decor stores we want to recommend. An online store that has become a kind of grand bazaar for craftsmen who offer their designs and creative proposals, so when it comes to decoration you can find unique furniture and decorative elements that can sometimes even be found from recycled or second-hand materials.

Of course you can find everything, all you have to do is immerse yourself in everything that is offered and buy as soon as you see something that you like, since the the pieces are unique or limited And it’s easy to run out if you take too long to decide to buy.