Although it appears to be a hard material, what it is, the marble it’s not adamantium. In other words, it is not unbreakable or indestructible. Its maintenance and placement require certain considerations, if we want it to last as long as possible and to make it look as if it were freshly worn. And that’s why we’re here today, to teach you the best tips and tricks for cleaning marble

Not only will we explain how to do it, but we will also tell you the most suitable materials and products, depending on the marble to be cleaned. And it’s not the same house floor of the grandmother, that the workplan from the kitchen. Each moment has its desire and each marble, its little things. These are the best tips and tricks for cleaning marble

Of course, before starting to clean any marble item, it is advisable to test a small room and see the result. There is such a variety of products, even some that claim to be marble and are not, that we could load the one we have without knowing what happened. Paying for pasture for a product does not guarantee that it is of the expected quality. In addition, the world of marble is not so well known that we all know the quality of the one we carry.

The best tips and tricks for cleaning marble

The really important thing about how to clean marble, is to maintain a routine. In other words, if we generally have our marble items in presentable condition, there is no doubt that their durability will last for years. That’s what they are for the best tips and tricks to clean marble step by step

  • Cloth and hot water – Take a soft touch cloth and wet it with lukewarm water. By passing it through the marble element to be cleaned, you will remove the dust and all the dirt accumulated since the last time.
  • Neutral soap and hot water – In a bucket, combine a generous spray of neutral soap with lukewarm water. Come back to the surface of whatever you clean. You can repeat this operation twice, so as not to leave any stubborn remains.
  • Dry laundry – Allow to air dry for 10 minutes and, after this time, with a tissue like the previous one but dry, cover the entire surface. You’ll leave it untouched, until it gets dirty again … in a few hours! It works like that and we have to assume it.

How to clean white marble

he White marble is the mother of all marbles. Precious in the decorative, it is a ruin in hygiene. And, like anything white, the tendency to get dirty increases. As it is, it never hurts to know how to clean white marble.

In fact, in this case, we will put aside the soap and water, to buy some special product for white marble. They are available in all major stores and are not overly expensive, but they are very popular. Of course, given the large offer in this area, the best thing is read the instructions in detail and follow them to the letter. Not all products have the same application. Not the same result, as you can see by comparing.

If the object to be cleaned is a rarity, a timeless jewel or an exclusive object, it is preferable to have it cleaned and taken care of by an expert in the field.

How to clean black marble

And if white marble gets dirty, what about its chromatic enemy. Whoever thinks that the black is suffered is that he does not know how to clean black marble. Aesthetically it is wonderful but it requires regular care. Also, these vary depending on the black marble we choose. In this case we will show you how to clean black Marquina and Canfranc marble, the best sellers in the world.

As a first tip, remember do not directly use items such as vinegar or lemon To clean black marble, they can leave permanent stains and remove the natural shine. Most recommended is mix the vinegar with lukewarm water in similar proportions and clean with a soft bristle brush. If the area is not very large, use a Toothbrush for descaling dirt that seeps into the pores.

At the end, don’t forget to wipe off a dry mop or paper towel let dry and that there is no moisture accumulated.

How to clean travertine marble

Before you know how to clean travertine marble, you have to know what travertine marble is. More than its composition, it is interesting to know that it is the marble that is regularly used in elements of the bathroom and on the floors of houses. In other words, we find it in 95% of homes. And yes, it is the same in which, since you are carefree, there is moisture and mold left. For this reason, it is advisable to follow these indications.

  • Constant cleaning – Regular cleaning will prevent many stains, mussels and possible infections. Regularly clean your travertine marble objects with a soft bristle brush dipped in lukewarm water. This will do the trick, as you won’t give the mold time to settle and dry out.
  • Daily ventilation – It is recommended ventilate the bathroom daily. If you don’t have a window, open the surrounding rooms so that the north wind or whatever blows in your house reaches it. The fresh, renewed air helps kill the bugs that settle on the travertine marble.

  • Soap and water – As easy as soap and water they are enough to keep your travertine marble disinfected. Also, if you apply a specific wrong product, you can leave a perpetual mark on the surface.
  • Toothbrush – When cleaning the tub there will be areas that we cannot access with the soft bristle brush. It’s time to miniaturize the tool and, although it looks like a punishment Cinderella, you will have to do it with him Toothbrush that you were going to throw. If it’s smooth, so much the better.

How to clean marble with homemade products

As we mentioned before, specific products for marble are not exactly cheap. So, nothing like taking advantage of what we have on hand and learning how to clean marble with homemade products.

  • Alcohol – If you need to remove a more resistant and complicated stain, shoot the alcohol. In a cloth soaked in water, pour a generous jet of alcohol and you will see how the stain comes out after rubbing a little.
  • Impeccable floor – Alcohol gives you for a cleanup above. Now, if you want a deep clean and a shiny floor, it’s time to mix it up. Take a bucket of water and add three tablespoons of baking soda, a generous spray of liquid soap, and four tablespoons of alcohol. Spread the mixture on the floor of the house and you will see that the floor shines everywhere you go.

  • Polish marble – Finally, a tip for polishing marble quickly and economically. Pour five tablespoons of baking soda in a glass and add a little water. Just enough to form a paste that you will spread over the part you want to polish. Let it sit for 60 minutes and remove it with a damp cloth. If you see yourself reflected on the surface, then everything has gone well.

Maintenance and tips for cleaning marble

In addition to what has already been said, it is worth knowing care and advice for cleaning marble, like those we leave for you below.

  • Soap and water (bis) Soap and water These are the two simplest ingredients, but also the most effective for cleaning a material like marble. Do not complicate yourself with special and expensive products because they will not be so convenient.
  • White marble – Now if what you are going to clean is White marble, yes it is worth to resort to specific products so as not to degrade its surface.

  • Pretest – Before undertaking a deep cleaning, try the product to use, even soap and water, in a small area to see the result. You might think you have marble and it’s something other than soap doesn’t like. He spent.
  • Regular cleanings – Mold on marble is common, if not cleaned often. To remove it completely, give it a soft bristle brush and lukewarm water. Obviously, when you’re done, throw out the brush. Or burn it.

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