Wood is a material found in virtually all furniture and surfaces in the house. It suits all colors and materials and is perhaps the first of the materials that come to mind when decorating and furnishing any room in the house. However, its conservation requires special attention, so we would like to offer you below, a list with the best advice to preserve wood.

The best tips for preserving wood

The best tips for preserving wood

If you want to be able to preserve wood without any problem, you must first of all try, prevent it from coming in contact with moisture, in addition to other problems which are basic so we go tell you one by one, below.

The best tips for conserving wood

Protects the wood from heat

he hot it is very harmful to wooden furniture. If you place items that disperse heat on a table or other wooden furniture, the best thing you can do to protect it is always place a rug, tablecloth or saucer so that they do not directly touch the wood. This is something you can do with laptops, hot plates, cups of coffee or tea …

Too much heat on a wooden surface can discolor or soften its finish. This will result in white stains or an absolutely unsightly bleaching of our furniture, something which on the other hand is quite difficult to remove, so it should be avoided from the moment we buy the furniture.

Keep furniture in a suitable environment

The furniture is also very sensitive to the environment in which it is located. If the environment is very dry, some finishes may crack. On the other hand, too much moisture will damage any wooden structure. The best environment is the one with 22 degrees centigrade with 40% humidity.

Even if the environment is good, try to do not place wooden furniture near air conditioning or heaters. These could damage them.

On the other hand, in the event that you have to put away an old piece of furniture, but you do not want to throw it away, you must never leave it in a closed and humid environment which, in addition to damaging the wood, will cause woodworms to appear. and worms. Ideally, you should look for a place or space with the temperature and humidity mentioned above, but it is also recommended to cover or cover the furniture so that dust does not accumulate there.

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun

Wooden furniture can be damaged even if it is exposed to the sun for a long time. This light is very aggressive for finishing and painting. In this way, when you put the furniture in your home, you should distribute it in such a way that it does not receive direct sunlight or receive it for a long time. The use of curtains can be a solution in the case of having furniture exposed to the sun throughout the day.

The best tips for conserving wood

Don’t make sudden movements

When moving furniture, you should be very careful with sudden movements. Try to lift the furniture instead of dragging it as you can ruin its legs or base. If it’s too heavy, ask a friend or family member for help, or hire a company to move or install the furniture.

Some furniture, like tables, is very easy to lift because you have more room to grab it. Try to lift them off the base or from the feet to prevent them from coming apart.

Clean your furniture often

We don’t all have enough time to do a deep cleaning of the furniture in the house every day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t clean it and keep it in good condition.

For that, try to set one day per week, for example Sunday, to clean your furniture. Remove dust with a soft cotton cloth and use products specific to cleaning furniture and not aggressive with wood.

Remember to make this a weekly routine, as dust collects on your furniture if you don’t remove it weekly.

Use home cleaning tips

In addition to weekly cleaning, you can use various tricks to improve the finish of your wooden furniture in your home and enhance its shine, appearance and / or durability. Here are the most popular homemade oil tips:

  • Oil and red wine– Something really amazing because of its efficiency. What you need to do is mix the oil and the wine and moisten a cloth. Then wipe down the furniture you want to clean or improve. After spraying the mixture, it is recommended to wipe with glycerin, because it will create a protective film and increase the shine of the wood.
  • Oil and lemon: it is another effective remedy which consists in filling a cup, half with olive oil and half with lemon juice. When cleaning furniture with this compound, you will notice that you will regain the shine of the first day, in addition to being able to benefit from the deodorizing effect of lemon.
  • Oil and alcohol: in addition to increase the brightness of the furniture, This compound makes it possible to cover the lines of the surface.

The best tips for preserving wood

Let a carpenter advise you

To all the advice we have given you so far, if you still have doubts about being able to preserve the wood, you always have the possibility of consulting an expert. The carpenters, in addition to creating the custom furniture you want, they will be able to advise you on its best care. If a piece of furniture has been damaged too much, the most effective solution will be to go to a carpentry workshop to restore and / or repair it.

Sometimes trying to fix a piece of furniture or a surface on your own can cause more damage. In these cases, it is best to leave it in the hands of a person who is qualified and licensed to work with wood. On the internet you can find the best carpenters in your area in the easiest way.

By following all these tips that we have just mentioned, you will be able to preserve the furniture and the wooden elements at home efficiently, ensuring your furniture will last for years and years with just a little weekly attention.

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