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Mexico’s third electricity auction was a success for the country – which translates into savings of over 50% on planned spending – and with a global milestone: wind power at 1.77 cents per kWh. With this offer, from the Italian ENEL, to which four projects have been awarded, the lowest score recorded to date has been beaten, set at 1.77 cents per kWh, but in this case for solar and in Arabia Arabia.

Data disseminates it Electrek days before the National Energy Control Center of Mexico (CENACE) presented the final data of the auction which, as confirmed by the agency in a Release, closed with one of the best prices in the world: $ 20.57 per megawatt hour on average for all budgets and for solar, wind and turbogas installations. The overall cost is 50’77% lower than the maximum price forecast for the tenders launched, in addition to improving by more than 38% that reached during the previous auction.

The winners, in addition to ENEL, include X-Elio Energy from Spain, as well as Engie Solar, Canadian Solar Energy Mexico and Neon International. With an investment of $ 2.4 billion, These awards will allow the North American country to acquire 15 new renewable energy plants which will be located in eight states.

The predominance in this auction of photovoltaic energy is reflected in the distribution of these future infrastructures: 9 of them will be solar power plants, five wind turbines and, finally, a turbogas system will be added to the Mexican system. In all, These plants will add more than 2,500 megawatts to the country’s electricity system with which the percentage of energy produced from clean sources will increase to 11%.

However, work on Mexico’s energy transition continues and, in fact, the dates of the next auction have already been brought forward, which will be the fourth of its kind to be held in the country. As planned, it will be launched in the first half of 2018, when the first mid-term auction will also take place. With this, and with milestones such as those set, the country will continue to advance towards the goal it has set itself in this area: that, By 2024, electricity production from renewable sources will increase to 35% in Mexico.