Do you know the color of the maple or the maple wood? Did you know that it is a reference both in the world of decoration and in fashion?

maple color

The color of the lip or the color of the lip are very popular tones, not only in the world of wood, but also in decoration in general and in fashion.

Obviously, these tones are named after the maple or maple, a species of tree especially common in North America, both in the United States and Canada. This tree is also extracted once the “Maple syrup”.

However, depending on the environment, it is not understood by the color of the border. In a traditional field, related to wood and furnitureWe are talking about light tones with a touch of red. It is because this is the tone of the maple wood.

On the other hand in the fashion world When we speak of the maple or the color of the maple, we do not refer to the typical tones of a forest of this type of trees, usually in autumn, where reds predominate.

During the last year, this vision has gained a lot of strength, as it is one of the trendy colors for autumn-winter. Not only can we find it in all types of clothing, but also in upholstery and all types of decorative elements.