Many people, including myself, think that the rattan and the wicker It’s the same, but it’s not like that and what’s more, the two materials don’t even fall into the same category. Let’s see some differences between them.

Wicker furniture

Differences between rattan and wicker

To understand the differences between what the rattan and the wickerLet’s see its origins: the rattan is a vine that grows in the tropical forests of Far East. the rattan It can grow to hundreds of meters in length and is one of the strongest woods in nature.

Cane rattan It has a strong core, unlike bamboo, so it lasts much longer and is more difficult to break. The stems of rattan They need to be cut into small pieces so that the furniture can be made. The outer skin of rattan is used to wrap the joints of furniture.

the rattan, like reed, rush and willow, they can be malt when wet. Furniture makers often mix up furniture, wicker and the rattan, to gradually add more firmness in some parts and more flexibility in others.

It is a mistake to believe that rattan or wicker They are intended exclusively for outdoor use, as they can also decorate and make any room functional.

The great advantage of furniture from wicker And in general, anything that is woven with natural fibers, they are very light and easy to carry, they can be painted in color or varnished, and they still look beautiful. As you can see, the big difference between materials is where they come from and how they are used.

Wicker and rattan materialsrattan furniture

To understand the difference between them a little better, you should know that both are natural elements and it is used to create different types of objects, especially decorative ones.

When we refer to rattan, we are referring to a type of material that originates from the Far East. Although it looks like a delicate type of material, it is quite durable, like wood. It is because he has a very solid central core which makes the resistance much greater and therefore more difficult to break.

When you need to make rattan furniture, you need a little bit of moisture as this is what makes the material much more malleable and can be bent and manipulated as you like.

Many times, parts of rattan materials are mixed with parts of wicker or the like.

As for the wicker, it must be said that it starts from a bush which originates from the Ancient egypt. It is a type of plant that grows in natural fields and therefore has a very high resistance type.

Unlike rattan, it has a very high flexibility which allows it to be molded to your liking and is also compatible with other types of paints or accessories like varnish. Another important feature is that it is a light material, which makes it possible to move from one place to another.

differences of wicker and rattan

the wicker It is usually worked from interlacing the material until you get the kind of structure and design that you want. When combined with rattan, a much higher strength is achieved between the two materials.

The antique furniture rattan and wicker tend to have a high price tag as they are very durable and Victorian style furniture. Some of the most common types of objects that can be found with this type of material, such as baskets, magazine racks, tables or small benches, which ultimately constitute very beautiful decorative elements, which although the ideal is for the victorian style, you can combine it in other kinds of styles as a special touch.

How to maintain your rattan and wicker furniture

Rattan and wicker furniture
As we have already indicated, the furniture of wicker Like those of rattan They are made of natural fibers, which makes their maintenance a little different from that required by other types of materials. Therefore, to make your wicker and rattan furniture last for a long time, we want to present you some tips which will help you to keep it as the first day for years.

Keep your furniture in well-ventilated places out of direct sunlight. Generally, this type of furniture is considered ideal for outdoors, especially because of its lightness and ease of transport. However, it is important to keep them in a cool, well-ventilated place to prevent them from cracking over time. Likewise, you should also avoid that they are constantly in direct contact with sunlight, as this will cause them to fade in a short time. Therefore, be sure to choose a well ventilated place out of direct sunlight for this furniture. If you want to use them as outdoor furniture, it would be handy to make sure you cover them up when you are finished using them or store them indoors at the end of the day to prevent the weather from damaging them.

Watch out for humidity! It’s your furniture’s worst enemy. Continuing the path we had previously given you related to the need to place your wicker or rattan furniture in a cool, well-ventilated place, we will now take care of what is without a doubt the worst enemy of this type of furniture. : humidity. Moisture can be very damaging to your furniture, not only because it is very damaging to these materials, but also because it can cause them to start building up mold, which will take them straight to the trash. So be sure to keep water away from your wicker or rattan furniture. Never clean them with damp rags or rags and be sure to dry them quickly if for any reason they come in contact with any type of liquid. The lifespan of your wicker or rattan furniture depends on it.

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Do not clean them with chemicals. In general, chemicals tend to severely damage natural fiber furniture. In fact, even those created specifically to deal with this type of furniture eventually deteriorate over time. Therefore, we recommend that you do not use any type of chemical to clean your wicker or rattan furniture. These types of creations don’t stain easily, so you won’t need to subject them to a deep cleaning too much. As a general rule, it is enough to get rid of any dust that may accumulate with a vacuum cleaner or a heavy-duty brush to keep them in top condition. So take no chances and avoid chemicals. In the long run, you will appreciate it.

If your wicker or rattan furniture looks bad, replace its finish with a new one. As with all types of furniture, the passage of time gradually worsens its exterior appearance. However, just because your wicker or rattan furniture looks aged doesn’t mean it’s time to replace it with a new one. Simply, you need to remove the remnants of its exterior finish or paint and replace them with a new layer. There are many ways to do this easily, simply and inexpensively, such as using spray paint specifically designed to treat this type of furniture. This way, you can give your wicker and rattan furniture back to their great old-fashioned look and you won’t have to spend a single extra dollar to replace a piece of furniture that can still give you glory days. A perfect solution!

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