The easiest way to grow tomato plants, or not

If you love tomatoes and want to grow them yourself, there are plenty of ways to do it. In ecoinventos we have already talked about the best way to grow tomatoes in our garden, in bales of straw or even in hanging plastic bottles, but today we are sharing a method that has gone viral (over 6 million visits) on YouTube.

For this method you will need very ripe tomatoes, a pot, and the soil. The rest of the process is so easy that although the video is in English, you will understand it perfectly.


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But all is not as beautiful as it seems. As our subject matter expert Toni Frito tells us, the system is as simple as when a fully ripe tomato falls off the plant and spoils over time, a lot of plants will come out of that fruit, in fact the tomato is often considered a “weed” because when you leave fruit the next season you have to remove a lot of tomato plants.

Why isn’t it fast? Because the tomato has a membrane protecting the seed which, in order for it to germinate, it must first dry out, it is faster from a seed that is already dry and prepared. A tomato in a seedbed under normal or optimal conditions only takes 5 days to germinate!

Why is this not recommended? The tomato season usually ends in most countries of the world at the end of autumn and the tomato is sown at the end of winter, with which that tomato you are sowing is probably from a supermarket, it is a hybrid tomato and this tomato with “strange” fruits.

You can try to see the result, it never hurts to experiment a little.