Tenkiv is a system capable of purifying up to 2000 liters of water per day using solar energy, and it still manages to store energy for other uses.

Continents like Africa or Asia are struggling to find drinking water for the consumption of their populations. Globally, according to Water.org data, 1 in 10 people do not have access to safe drinking water. Several initiatives have sought and are seeking the best way to improve the quality of life in countries with the lowest costs.

The latest is Tenkiv, who recently raised $ 50,000 through the crowdfunding, to improve and produce on a large scale a system capable of purifying up to 2000 liters of water per day using solar energy (while continuing to produce, store and convert energy for other uses).

Located in the city of Sacramento, California, the main goal of the company is to democratize access to clean water and renewable energy.

Instead of focusing on photovoltaic technology, the system uses heat from the sun to make what we call solar thermal technology. According to the company, the cost of running with this method is 1/5 of what it takes to run other fossil fuel solutions. They also claim that this solar system has a cost of 1/13 compared to other solar panel solutions. It is therefore an ideal device for low income communities.

Tenkiv Nexus It has few moving parts and does not use chemicals to purify water, it is easy to maintain and it is recommended to operate autonomously for long periods of time.


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Will this be the solution to meet the needs of the 4 billion people who suffer from lack of water?

We hope that its commercialization can begin soon.

More information: tenkiv.com