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Michael Liebreich, founder of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, says replacing polluting technology with new, sustainable technology is like waiting for a sneeze. “The first 1% takes forever; 1% to 5% is like waiting for a sneeze – you know it’s inevitable, but it takes longer than you think; after 5% to 50% it happens incredibly quickly. Clean energy enters this period of rapid transformation“.


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Affirms in The Guardian This period of rapid transformation promises to end bankruptcy of fossil fuel producers and halt rising carbon emissions.

Over the next decade, we will see a much faster than expected deployment of a number of clean energy technologies, which will almost certainly bring global emissions to a halt.

This will happen regardless of whether political leaders act aggressively to reduce carbon emissions. The clean energy economy is now too strong to ignore.

BNEF reported Recently, renewable energy today is not only cheaper than building a new gas or coal-fired power plant, but it will soon be cheaper to shut down existing coal-fired power plants and build new energy projects. renewable from scratch. Plenty of clean electricity could also help remove emissions from transportation and heating systems around the world.

Gives us hope“Says Seb Henbest, main author of the BNEF report.

It gives us hope. It provides a counterweight to the pessimism we face, in part because it includes up-to-date data that tells a slightly different story. We are much further than we were. And yes, we have to go faster. And yes, it is difficult and complicated. But at the same time, we live in a world where two-thirds of the world’s population live in a country where wind and solar power is the cheapest form of new electrical capacity. We have the tools to do it.

Seb Henbest, main author of the BNEF report.

Progress to date is not sufficient to meet the global targets set in the Paris climate agreement, but stagnating greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 could go a long way in preventing catastrophic global warming. . above 3 ° C. the world closer to the target of levels below 2 ° C

This change is a testament to new climate policies and the work being done around the world. We must do more.

People like to criticize climate activists like Greta Thunberg and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and groups like and Extinction Rebellion for being too aggressive in their tactics, but there is no doubt that they all helped pave the way for a new global consensus on carbon emissions and renewable energy.

Now is not the time to quit gas, but to redouble our efforts to preserve the Earth we all live on.