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There is no doubt that the use of toilet paper is a convenience, something essential in our society today. But it also harms the environment. For example, the average American use of toilet paper is 3 rolls per week.

This consumption destroys forests and greatly influences climate change.

Wood pulp.

Many toilet paper manufacturers use wood pulp from Canadian forests.

This is what reveals a new report of the Council for the defense of natural resources entitled “The problem of fabrics”.

Unfortunately, these companies do not use recycled materials to make toilet paper. Most people don’t know that paper is made from wood from old growth forests.

They are also unaware of the environmental damage this represents. Anthony Swift, Director of NRDC Project Canada commented: “maintaining Canada’s boreal forest is essential to avoid the worst consequences of climate change“.

Raw material for toilet paper.

The ingredient is pulp, although it can come from recycled materials, it usually isn’t. This material can be, for example, straw or like bamboo which is used to make the layers.

However wood is mainly used, called virgin fiber that has never been used for any other product.

The manufacture of virgin fiber requires the use of a mill that produces wood chips. It also requires a chemical process to bleach the pulp.

In addition, these processes require an expenditure of energy to separate the fibers.

All this ultimately generates more carbon than any other type of pulp.

However, making a single roll of paper consumes 140 liters of water. In addition to transporting paper.

Brands fail when it comes to sustainability.

Unfortunately, we come across some brands that do not care about the environment at all and do not use recycled products. Check the labels.

But in this sector there are also companies that want their products to be sustainable, to affect the environment as little as possible and to use recycled materials. Look for these brands and buy their paper.

Alternatives to traditional toilet paper.

For starters, one of the alternatives can be found in “Who Gives a Crap”, a company that produces 100% ecological toilet paper.

It is an economic role and the company devotes 50% of its profits to sanitation and the construction of toilets in developing countries.

The second option could be the family fabric, so it is the use of a washable and reusable cloth later. It’s not the most comfortable and hygienic option, but it is durable.

The third option is using the bidet, an accessory that is added to your toilet, where instead of using toilet paper, you use water to wash yourself.

This way of doing not only takes care of the environment, but also increases your hygiene.

But if you really want to stop using toilet paper, you have to meet Patri and Fer, your experience this will make it easier for you.

Do you know of another alternative?


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