Did you know that the Finnish or Body Builder Board is the most used in trailers, van floors or stages? You know why?

Finnish board

The Finnish card is essentially an improved plywood panel. These best features are obtained by coating the plate with a film or phenolic layer on both sides and apply heat. The result is a very versatile board, very resistant and with a very high load capacity. It is also known as a panel or body.

These types of boards are found in different thicknesses and sizes, the patterns. And for specific cases, manufacturers usually adapt to possible custom orders.

It is a product initially developed in Finland, hence its name, where there is an important culture of wood. It appears to meet the demand for high performance boards and technical characteristics. Hence, also, the price of the Finnish card is relatively high.

Materials that compose it:

  • Birch veneers. These are joined transversely to form a birch plywood. Birch is a semi-heavy wood, with a density of approximately 650kg / m3, very abundant in Northern Europe.
  • Phenolic Film. This improves the strength of the plate. These layers can have different thicknesses and also different patterns and colors.

Finnish panel resources

  • Wear-resistant surface. This is a characteristic that distinguishes the Finnish phenolic panel from the traditional plywood.
  • Anti slip. The phenolic layer has better adhesion.
  • High load capacity. Plywood boards already offer excellent load capacity compared to other options, in which case performance is improved. Not only because of the use of a slightly denser than normal wood, but also because of the additional strength provided by the phenolic layer.
  • It is common to find it with a previous treatment on the edges to improve its behavior against humidity.

Uses of the Finnish birch board

  • Manufacture of floors.
  • Floors of industrial vehicles, such as vans, boxes, trailers, etc.
  • Boat deck.
  • Livestock buildings.
  • Pedestrian bridges.
  • Stages and even bleachers.
  • Scaffolding.
  • Shelves.
  • Packaging that requires additional protection or resistance.