The first domestic photovoltaic solar floor to install at the entrance of your home

Solar tiles are no longer just for roofs. Platio, a technology company based in Budapest, Hungary, just installed the first solar flooring to use in your driveway.

Roofs are not the only surfaces that can be used for solar energy production. Paved areas also absorb solar radiation throughout the day. Platio’s walkable solar panels can use this new clean energy source.

Imre Sziszák, co-founder and engineer of Platio.

The system consists of nested units called Platio solar sidewalks. Each solar panel is made from 400 recycled PET plastic bottles for a product that is more durable than concrete, according to the company’s product video. The flooring can be installed in sizes from 10 to 30 square meters and is suitable for walkways, terraces, balconies and patios.

The energy generated by the Platio tiles is injected into the home’s electrical network. A 20 square meter solar roadway can cover the annual energy consumption of an average house, According to the video.

Developers looked for aesthetic tiles that would look good in a home’s entryway and increase its energy efficiency. Solar pavers are available in black, red, blue and green. Tempered glass tiles protect solar cells. They are non-slip, so that people can walk on them safely, they are designed to be able to withstand the weight of a passing car from time to time.

Electric car drivers can also use the solar paving system to power their vehicles.

Some time ago we reported on a solar sidewalk that Platio had installed at an electric car charging station in Budapest. Other uses include connecting a Platio solar paving system in an outdoor plaza to benches equipped to charge mobile devices. Cobblestones could also supply street lighting. Unlike rooftop solar shingle systems, paved areas with good access to sunlight have the potential for larger scale power generation and easier installation or maintenance.


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