Jos Scholman bought the first four hydrogen tractors in the Netherlands from New Holland.

The tractor developed by New Holland with Blue Fuel Solutions uses a combination of hydrogen and diesel, resulting in a reduction of CO2 of around 50%.

Jos Scholman is committed to reducing CO2 emissions and the purchase of four of these tractors will go a long way towards achieving this goal.

To achieve this combination of hydrogen and diesel mixture, the company added an assembly unit and a storage area containing five hydrogen tanks with a capacity of 470 liters of water and a storage capacity of 11, 5 kg of hydrogen. What to replace about 40 liters of diesel.

The amount of mixed hydrogen varies between 30 and 60%. With a light load it is relatively high, with a heavy load it decreases. This is done in order to be able to use the hydrogen throughout the day.

Arjan Verweij, New Holland.

The cost of modernizing this tractor was almost 70,000 euros, a very high price, but Jos Scholman thinks he can recover this amount thanks to the government’s CO2 coupons. They bought the first 4 tractors.

The hardest part was adjusting the software so that the engine would use hydrogen efficiently and be able to match it to the load.

Jos Scholman became the first company in the world to drive a tractor that ran partially on hydrogen.